Medicine Finds Heart Health Benefits in Methods of Meditation

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Decades ago, when the mind-body connection, first found some interests of study, the original findings of meditation mostly centered on the heart attacks, the strokes, and hypertension problems faced by human beings daily. It is not something new, that in order to have a healthy heart, it needs to be free from diseases. But considering the holistic approach, the definition of a healthy heart mainly included some subtle and emotional qualities like that of tenderness, love, affection, acceptance and compassion. The entire system, including how one inhales and exhales, how the mind thinks and feels comes down and meet at one particular sensitive spot- and that’s the heart. Statistical figures have always shown that any kind of sudden emotional shock or an abrupt change in the mind, lead people mostly to diseases, which includes heart diseases and even heart attacks.

Ground breaking studies at several 마음수련원 have established some holistic lifestyle programs which included the meditation, and it has been already proved how the various techniques of meditating could actually reverse the fatty plaques which are the main reasons of most of the blockages occurring in the coronary arteries of human beings. One such comprehensive program covers up exercise, diet, and stress management issues as well, which have been considered to be the most common, yet critical facts that lead to heart diseases. At most of the heart training centers, the experts focus on amplifying these approaches along with the ancient approaches of Ayurveda. And it is their inherent trust that heart health is integrated into the natural state of balance between the mind and body which is essential for human beings to thrive.
Balance in human life is such a parameter that might sound intangible, but experts over the years of studies and research works have come to one conclusion, that there are some chemical markers of each and every benefit that meditation brings along. The negative effect of the stress that falls directly on the heart, and the coming out of it, is driven by the production of the hormones and all the neurotransmitters throughout the body. It is the process of meditation that has been devised in the  마음수련원 for rebalancing and regulating all these biochemical to hold them strong in human beings.
Cortisol is considered to be one of the major stress hormones, and meditation has been identified to be one process that could reduce the level of cortisol in the blood. Meditation, which leads to deep relaxation of the mind and body, triggers the brain to release some of the beneficial neurotransmitters, which even includes oxytocin and dopamine. While the former one triggers reactions which support the ability to de-stress the latter one reduces the high blood pressure. The only good news about all these things is the man has become more aware of it, and hence are can think of their own good till now.