The LSAT Can Be A Challenge But Test Prep Courses Give You The Advantage

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Few deny that a great Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score unlocks admittance to the best law schools, but the question for most prospective test takers is how to maximize one’s score? Five sections test four skills on the LSAT. You'll complete one section each of: analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and writing. The writing section receives no score, but your full writing sample goes to each law school to which you send test scores. You get 35 minutes to take each scored section which consist of 24 to 28 questions.

The LSAT differs vastly from other standardized tests, however, so there are documented disadvantages to relying solely on individual study. Rather than testing your knowledge, the LSAT tests your reasoning and logic skills, reading comprehension, and your writing skills, which means that by learning the patterns and the structure inherent in the exam itself, you can learn to answer questions in the format graders expect. Of course, you can’t hope to do this alone.

The practicality of a prep service is difficult to dismiss, and experts agree that a qualified instructor from a reputable test centre will help you score higher on test day. The test questions you come across during the preparation are going to be similar in structure to the ones on the real test, which means that once you recognize the pattern, you can execute a strategy, based on countless previous practice tests.

The right instructor will also help prepare you psychologically, and allow you to overcome test anxiety through rigorous practice and executable benchmarks in confidence building. Your brain becomes acquainted with the techniques of tackling these kinds of questions and the overall effect is improved scores on the actual test.It may seem challenging to prepare for the LSAT, but a combined preparation strategy can help you learn key skills and maximize your ability to use them. Your LSAT test prep should include three main components: an LSAT prep class, a tutor, and self-study that includes weekly self-testing.

You’ll want to look for a test prep centre that specializes in a flexible study structure,a small class size of 20 or fewer students, and a program developed using a proven curriculum. If you have other professional or academic responsibilities, it might be wise to consider a test centre that offers individual modules rather than a package course. If you live in Toronto and are considering an LSAT prep course, consider Quantum Test Prep, conveniently located downtown on Yonge St. and offering personal assessment, exam overview, and a varied curriculum. Visit to see a breakdown of the various modules available, including logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and reading comprehension, or peruse their comprehensive 50-hour premium LSAT course.

In addition, you should be studying on your own to maximum effect. You should take approximately 30 practice tests beyond what you do in your prep class. Don't just grade the test and record your score for comparison, says
U.S. News article on the subject. Instead, analyze what you missed to figure out why, then practice on the deficit. Show your practice tests to your instructor or tutor, and ask for tips and pointers. The best LSAT test prep method combines a class, tutoring and self-study. While it may seem like a lot of work, preparing for the LSAT prepares you for the realities of law school and the rigours of the career itself.