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Before you can get to the crux of the saga that has had the executives at MX Properties embroiled in a lengthy battle for their company's assets and reputation, it is important to understand where things lie currently.

A gentleman that has yet to be named has recently began sending harassing emails and making libelous public statements that paint MX Properties in a negative light. While the immediate reason for this is not readily apparent, the executives at MX Properties understand that the actions are a result of someone attempting to interfere in their business with several business partners and a Lisbon Portugal attorney named Carmen De Souza. 

The story began here:

John Diak, an outside consultant, was hired by MX Properties to help them find lucrative partnerships to engage in. He indicated that he knew of some opportunities that would allow MX Properties to partner with more experienced companies to purchase financial instruments commonly used in bank to bank lending activities. Unfortunately, what he did not reveal is that he knew that these so called business partners were nothing more than average con men and that they weren't looking for a business partnership, but a mark they could exploit in order to defraud them out of money. MX Properties did not learn of this complication until after the business partners had conned them out of $1 million.

In the attempt to recover these funds and also as a way to regain the trust of MX Properties, the consultant brought to their attention the legal services of Carmen de Souza, who claimed to be able to secure project funding after payment of her legal fees, which totaled an additional $11,000.

It wasn't until after considerable thought and assurances from their consultant, that MX Properties felt confident enough to make the payment to the lawyer, which they did via wire transfer. However, even after confirming receipt of the payment, Carmen de Souza did not honor her word and now MX Properties is out $11,000 in legal fees paid as well as the initial deposits totaling $1 million.

In an attempt to find a mutually agreeable solution to the issue, public appeals have been made to both Carmen de Souza as well as the original business partners to either deliver on what was originally agreed to or to return the money they have received. And, until a few weeks ago, there was no response made. However, in more recent developments, a new individual who is currently unnamed has surfaced and attempted to harass MX Properties as well as publicly demean them in an attempt to distract them from their current track. This will not be tolerated and MX Properties has vowed to double down on their efforts to get justice in this matter.

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