Laser Liposuction – A Safe, Effective And Convenient Way To Remove Cellulite

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Most people trying to eliminate pockets of subcutaneous fat deposits that accumulate in the region of their stomach, legs, thighs and hips often find it to be a frustrating process. Even exercising rigorously and eating a healthy wholesome diet are not enough to achieve the necessary results. At the same time, these individuals are also not very keen to go under the surgeon knife to remove such cellulite deposits. However, with the recent advances in the area of non-invasive cosmetic surgeries over the last three decades, these people are turning their attention to laser liposuction. This safe and effective surgical procedure helps people to attain figure they desire by precisely targeting and removing cellulite deposits in specific areas of their body.

Sono Bello is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical clinics in America with over 32 centers across the nation. This medical institute employs over 100 board-certified surgeons who have the necessary skill, knowledge, and expertise to conduct various complex cosmetic and facial plastic surgeries. They have the distinction of successfully performing over 90,000 body- transformation treatments that have exceed their patients’ expectations. Unlike their other healthcare centers in this field, the specialists in this clinic consider cosmetic surgery to be an art in addition to a science. Through their treatments, the doctors endeavor to make a change the lives of their patients for the better and help them regain their self-confidence. This is what makes this cosmetic surgery clinic stand out among the crowd. 

Why opt for laser liposuction?

The cosmetic surgeons of this clinic explain that laser-assisted lipolysis takes traditional liposuction to the next level. This non-invasive surgical treatment uses state of the art laser technology to disintegrate the cellulite deposits in the regions of a patient’s thighs, legs, buttocks and abdomen. Moreover, they also say that it is safe to use this cosmetic surgical procedure in the sensitive areas around an individual’s neck and chin. In this operation, the doctor makes use of a thin noodle-shaped tube, which he/she inserts below the patient’s skin via a very small incision. This ensures that the individual on the operating table suffers very little blood loss and hardly any scaring. A computer-operated laser then emits a light energy that heats and breaks up the subcutaneous fat deposits in the target areas of the person’s body. The fat deposits turns into liquid and the medical practitioner then drains away this fluid with the help of thecannula.

Advantages of laser liposuction 

Cosmetic surgeons, who carry out this non-invasive surgical procedure, clarify that the results from this operation are comparative better than traditional tumescent liposuction. This treatment cause less pain the patients and has few health risks. In addition to this, the doctor administers local anesthetic to the patients that causes fewer side effects in comparison to general anesthesia. The recovery time in laser liposuction is also much quick than other surgical procedures and is less expensive. 

The experts at Sono Bello further explain that for people who want to remove cellulite deposits without going under the surgeon’s knife, laser liposuction is viable option.