Solutions to Decrease Global Warming

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One of the ultimate fears faced by the sphere today is the increasing temperature of the earth. There are many features, which add to global warming. If people ignore these issues, then they can have severe environmental problems such as the increasing of the water level in oceans due to the thawing of the ice caps or the trouble of many delicate ecosystems that depend on a sensibly controlled temperature.
Jonathan Schrag is an eminent environmentalist from the United States who states that the increasing temperature can be minimized by adopting certain effective measures. It is high time that people must take immediate measures as otherwise; this can led to further complications. While the effective measures to decrease global warming may seem to be challenging; in reality; simple things can actually do wonders. Listed below are some of the solutions that can actually help in decreasing global warming:

You can go green to decrease global warming: This can be done by using renewable energy sources.

The renewable energy sources do not use any fossil fuels, so they do not produce any of the contaminants that natural gas, nuclear power plants and coal generate and emit in the atmosphere.

You can also go green by conserving valuable resources and energy.  By reducing the usage of vehicles you can also contribute to the decrease of global warming. Instead of using own vehicle, you can take public transportation, take a walk or use a bicycle as this can also reduce carbon emissions. 

When not in use turn off electronic devices and lights. Also invest in the energy-efficient electrical device and light bulbs. Instead of using warm water use cold water to wash clothes. In order to save on heater in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer keep your home well insulated. Solar panels can be installed. 

Recycle plastics, paper, and glass bottles as they help in saving a lot of energy. Use environmentally friendly packaging options that are available in the market. These not only decrease the global warming issues, but also enhance the overall appearance of the products. Plant a tree as this helps in decreasing global warming.

 During the process of photosynthesis, plants give out oxygen and take in carbon di oxide; this helps in maintaining the carbon di oxide in the atmosphere. Instead of using dryer to dry your clothes use clothesline.

Apart from all these tips, it is your duty to spread awareness among people by educating them about global warming and its causes and effects. Inform them in what way they can save energy that will be good for the environment. Create programs and gather chances that will help you to disclose information with relatives, neighbors, and friends.

As stated by Jonathan rightly that just by being a little more alert, you can help in decreasing global warming. Jonathan Schrag is at present serving as deputy administrator in Rhode Island Division of Public Utilities and Carriers. Previous to this he has worked at Environmental Defense Fund as Senior Director, Clean Energy.