Examples of Kurtis to Inspire You

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Looking the best at any cost is the most important nowadays and why not we are worth looking like a Diva, what say girls? Whether you are going to the office or attending a party, it is very important to look nice and be in fashion at all costs. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is a must. Whether you are wearing western clothes or eastern, it is very much necessary to be updated in the latest ideas and trends. Online shopping is the order of the day now and everyone is very much into online shopping. From watches to perfumes to even household items, everything is available online. The most common item is clothing. All types of clothing is easily found online and in a variety of designs ad colours as well. Everything is kept ready for you and you just have to select the outfit you want. The fashion industry is spreading its branches all over the world, with international brands available at your finger tips. In such a scenario, having an updated fashion sense goes a long way.

Indo Western Kurtis are Rage this Season

If you are very much into eastern and traditional clothing, you must know that there are fashion websites online that sell a wide variety of kurtis and other traditional ensembles. In India, any major occasion, be it a wedding or a house warming party, till date eastern clothing is much more preferred by everyone. When you wear such clothes, it is important to know that a wide variety of designs are also available online.Not only in big brands but regular brands too. When buying kurtis online, you might have noticed that the cutting style of each kurti is different, meaning, there are various types of cuts in which the kurtis come. For the diva in you, it is important to have knowledge of each type of kurti so that you find the correct piece for the correct occasion. So revamp and add indo-western kurtis.

Play with Different Silhouettes of kurtis

It feels really nice to be the fashion guru in your group of friends, when all your friends and cousins come to you for an opinion on the dress they are wearing. For this reason, to become the perfect fashion expert, you must be armed with extensive knowledge so that you can give good opinion and suggestions to your friends. There are in total 23 types of kurtis in the industry today. The most common type of kurti that is worn by ladies in abundance is the A-line kurti, which is cut in the shape of an “A”. This is available in both gorgeous and regular wear categories and is most commonly available every where. When you select out kurtis for parties and smaller occasions like birthdays or get-togethers, you might find the “tail-cut” kurtis very fashionable and trendy. There are also available in heavier more gorgeous designs for bigger occasions.

Few must have Styles of kurtis

A very common style of kurti that has been in vogue for quite some time now is the “Anarkali” style kurti. These are flare-cut ankle length kurtis that also are available in both gorgeous and simple designs and are suitable for various occasions. A new type of kurti has been recently introduced in the market which is known as the “trail cut” kurti. These are a highly fashionable variation and is cut in the “C” design. These kurtis can be made from various fabrics like cotton, chiffon, georgette, and many others. Two more new types of kurtis have been introduced recently added has taken the markets by storm are the “angraakha” and the “dhoti style” kurtis. The dhoti style kurtis are a fabulous innovation of a kurti cut in the shape of a dhoti. This style is very much in trend today. The Indo-Western style kurtis were always pretty famous and they can be worn to really classy occasions. The flared style kurtican add more glamour to your already vibrant complexion. With the array of colours available, you can happily wear them with matching leggings,

Kurtis straight from the runway

Kurtis that are very much in style nowadays are many in number, and if you look at the latest runways styles you will be surprised to see lots of ethnic and Indo-western kurtis, below are our favourite picks. Gown style, straight cut, asymmetrical kurtis, and many more. Pakistani kurtis are also available in abundance nowadays. They are designer yet baggy style kurtis that go best with palazzo pants. Asymmetrical kurtis are variation of the high-low kurti and can make you look slimmer. The newest style of kurtiis reversiblekurti, one that can be worn on both sides. For occasions like weddings you can wear the Princess style kurti and add more royalty to your style. Kaftan kurtis are also in trend nowadays and can be worn with a variety of accessories.C-cut kurtisare also another variant of the high-low style kurtis.  Over lay style and tulip style kurtis are also new introductions and paired with the perfect set of accessories, they can add more glamour to your appearance. The funky and cool looking double layer kurtis are suitable for young girls as it adds a dishy looks to your entire attire. Armed with this knowledge, you are bound to be the head-turner at any occasion you attend.