How to Live a Happier Life - Permanently

There are lots of write up online on how to live a happier life. Thinking positive and looking at the bright side of life are some of the ways to live happy. Some have also said that you should "Do things that you love doing". But some have found it difficult to do the things that they love to do because of demanding family duties. Are you sad? Happiness Podcast is packed with information and inspiration that will help you soar.

The fact is, for you to be happy you need to do what you love to do. One of the things you need to do is to set a target board, where you have a center and three rings around the center. The outermost target ring will have those things that are less important to you. It could be that you like watching TV, hanging out with friends or reading a novel or something similar. The next ring toward the centre should represent things that are urgent but not important. These are the petty things that sometimes seem run our lives.

They are of no real importance to you but are often requested by other people. These things sometimes make you feel important but they do not really matter or serve any purpose whatsoever. The third ring toward the centre represents things that are important and urgent. These include taking care of an injured child or a sudden opportunity to do a project or a task that you really enjoy.

At the centre of the target, things that are important but not urgent are noted there. These are the things that you really enjoy and love doing but not urgent. They are simply the proactive area of your life. You need to spend time to plan and create the things that you love to do on the centre of the target so that you can enjoy a happier life. You need to spend more time on doing things that are important to you, but not urgent. This does not mean that you will have to ignore the other areas. What this means in essence is that you should concentrate more on the centre of the target.

There are a lot of activities that will take up your time. You need to prioritize your activities so that you can find time to do the things that you love to do. There are also a lot of time management programs available to help you.

Have a to-do list for each day. Make a list of what is more important to you and what really makes you happy. Also set your desired goals and plan on how to achieve them. Ask yourself:
  • What is most important to me?
  • Is doing this really making me happy?
Finding answers to these questions will help you to make positive changes. Paying attention to your needs and desires is not selfish rather it will make you happier. It will also help us to pay constant attention our needs.

One thing you need to know is that you cannot give others what you don't have.

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