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Service Quality When Hiring a Tradesperson

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Whether you own your own home, business or even a vehicle, you are almost certain to need to deal with a tradesperson at some point.  It may be for routine maintenance or you may need an emergency repair.  Locating the right person can be a difficult process.  You will need to find someone who is offering a fair service at a realistic price but who will complete the job professional with competence.  This may sound like a tall order but there are companies which will strive to offer this level of service at all times.  For example, Regina plumbing firm Smile Heating & Cooling Inc tries to do all this when dealing with any plumbing issue and will even attempt to make you smile!

There are several important markers regarding service quality which you should see from your supplier; whether they are a Regina plumbing firm or a Toronto garage:

Response Time

Assuming you are able to get hold of the required tradesperson without an issue you will want to know how quickly they can assist you; particularly if you are dealing with an emergency issue.  Of course, the first real test is how quickly they reply to your phone call and the hours that they are available to be called.  Once you have spoken with them you would expect to have someone on your doorstep within twenty four hours for most jobs.  In the case of a plumbing emergency you may consider three or four hours a more suitable length of time.


You may need the services of this particular tradesperson but this is no reason for them to be unprofessional.  You are, after all, paying for their service.  A tradesperson should turn up at the time they said they would, or ring you if they are unable to.  They should be polite and professional at all times and respect your property.  The best trade people will also explain the situation as they go; thereby ensuring that you are aware of what the issue is and the options regarding resolution.  It is important to be given all the facts in terms that you can understand. 


It should also be evident that the tradesperson knows what they are talking about and can partake the necessary information to you.  This does more than inspire you with confidence in the service they are offering and you are paying for.  It will also help to reassure you that the tradesperson will do their best to fix any issue in the best possible away.  If you believe that someone knows what they are talking about it will help when you are told the issue is beyond repair!


Finally, a high quality service will offer a good follow-up service.  They will be genuinely interested in your experience and your comments regarding how it can be improved.  The very best quality service can only be offered by those firms which ask for this criticism and then use it to improve what they can offer you.

Once you have located a quality service provider you will always know who to call!