Best Spray Tan In New York: All You Should Know

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Unless you are living under the rock, you definitely understand that spray tans are the hottest accessory you can ever imagine. Color is critical to your beauty. Right or wrong, the pale look is definitely tough to pull off during those spring, summer months. And since it’s apparent that staying under the sun all day can really be harmful to the skin, thousands of people are now switching to spray tanning to get that lovely bronze glow.

But what’s spray tanning?
This is a unique type of self-tanning which entails spraying a special form of mist onto your body, which then interacts with your skin to turn it brown, bronze or tan. It lasts about three to seven days and is a much better alternative to UV rays and tanning beds. The results are often very good and most celebrities prefer it to anything else to obtain the color they want.
Spray tanning, the ultimate solution for your skin
Spray tanning is extremely simple. Once you have made up your mind, just visit a tanning salon or have a service provider come to your home. The technician simply sprays the whole of your body with a fine mist and once it’s dry, you’re done. Of course, be prepared to follow the Do’s and Don’ts post tan, especially during the tan processing time before your first rinse, to ensure the perfect tan.
Add more definition to your beauty
When properly done, spray tanning looks exactly the same as a natural tan obtained from basking in the sun all day, even better! A good technician will subtly airbrush to add more definition to muscles or add more coverage to trouble spots, like cellulite. Most celebrities have been found to use this type of tanning to improve their skin color.
Unlike tanning beds that utilize UV rays, airbrushing a tan doesn’t dry out your skin or cause pre-mature aging. Wrinkling is a serious concern in our modern society, especially for those who like basking in the sun or sitting on tanning booths.
Get a spray tan that guarantees results
With spray tanning, you’re guaranteed of the best results possible. However, you must find the best spray tan in New York such as Gotham Glow New York  to make your dream of perfectly tanned skin come true