Career Guidance after Class 12 – Experts Suggestions

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12th standard examination plays an indispensable role in every student’s life as it helps them to choose their career and prepare for a professional life ahead. In academic year 2016-2017, the exams were commenced on 9th March and ended on 10th April. According to the members of CBSE boards, the results of class 12th CBSE exam will most likely be announced by the end of May.
Once the results of 12th exams, CBSE are declared every student who had appeared for the board will have a clearer picture on the choice they are going to make about their career and profession. Not only are the students, the parents of the aspiring candidates equally anxious about his or her performance.

What to take up after Class 12th


Most of the students have already decided on the streams i.e. science, arts or commerce after the 10th exams and have taken preparation accordingly for the subjects in 12th. There are some students who take up both math and biology in 12th and surprisingly perform well in both the subjects. Such a situation then creates a dilemma on which career to go for after 12th.
There are students doing fashion courses or taking up art and acting classes. Some are going for researches in a specific subject. Hence the question to choose your career after 12th becomes very important. So be aware of what you choose and take time to decide and then go for the subject and career of your choice instead of blindly following the crowd. 

Listen to the Inner Call


Every student has a dream career and profession but often falls prey to the society’s pressure and chooses the career suggested by others. Do not just go for engineering or medical or CA because you have a good rank in PCMB and the crowd tells you to do so cbse 10th result 2017.
Your inner calling and heart’s desire is far more important and hence think about your passion and dreams. Take the career that you have always dreamt of or profession you aspired for. It could be a teacher or fashion designer or even interior designer or anything of your choice. 

Seek advice from Counsellor


Counsellors can help you battle the thoughts in your mind about your career choice. So, if you are confused and being influenced by the outer world about your career choice, it is best to seek help from a career counsellor.