Steroids for better cutting physique

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Steroids are used by many people for obtaining cutting rock hard muscles in few weeks. There are so many steroids available is market for improving your physical appearance. You can use Winstrol for cutting rather than that Oxymetholone is better for cutting likewise there are many steroids which specifically focus on cutting the muscles shapes.

What is oxymetholone?

It is a synthetic orally active anabolic based steroid which helps in gaining a tough physique. It was first found in 1959 Syntex laboratories. This chemical compound focuses on growing the muscles in malnutrition and stunt growth patients. This medicine is being used for physical fitness too. In recent days it has been used for treating HIV viruses.

Get ripped

By using these steroids you can shred lot of weight and show your muscular fitness to the world. For cutting process Oxymetholone helps a lot. Some people try the combinations of
  • Anavar
  • Winstrol
Anavar is also called as oxandrolone and they are recommended by many experts for getting a better cutting experience. Both these supplements have to be taken only in cycle basis.

Cutting cycle

The cutting cycle usually includes 4 to 6 weeks in men and 4 to 8 weeks in women. The supplements or pills starts working in your body after 48 hours that is the time take for a pill to dissolve and flow into your blood stream. After using the product for one to three months you can see a better result in cutting shape of your body.


You may be fat or fluffy or in any shape but by using steroids you can redefine you without any floating fat wandering your body. All you need to do is some good exercise and little amount of supplements with good diet. A good diet can never bring bad cholesterol or fat content in your body. When you are in Anavar consumption fat is easily broken up into micro particles as soon as possible.

Diet tips
If you are trying for a cutting physique then you must try to eat your food in such a way

Eat on time

When you start your workout session for getting an attractive physique you must be conscious about eating on time. Most of the successful body builders have succeeded just by eating on time with regular intervals. You can eat with 4 hour intervals to get a good result.

Slow eating

You should chew your food and eat slowly which will lead you to eat in a limited amount of food. You can stick to a habit of slow chewing which will reduce the cravings of your hunger.

Follow the C 

You must intake lot of carbs rich foods which includes
  • Potatoes
  • Yams
  • Oats
  • Brown rice
  • Bread
These foods are rich in carbs and can be consumed during a cutting session. For the Carbs go easy on Cutting.

Protein intake

You must have to consume a good amount of protein for developing stamina and strength when you are losing so much of fat in cutting process. Be sure that you are taking lots of proteins.

Stick on to these ideas and have a good luck in cutting your body.