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5 Tips to Score Big With Interior Lighting

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The choices you make in selecting lighting fixtures and their placement are important elements in interior designing. Artificial light settings should complement the natural light, the size of the room, the colour scheme of the décor and the furnishings.

Here are five pointers to keep in mind when installing light fixtures. Remember, a well-defined light fixture can contribute a great deal to the ambience inside your home.

Go with Variety

When lighting up the interiors, the general rule that interior designers follow is to incorporate different levels of lighting, mixing it up, in every room. For instance, when setting the fixtures for your living room, you can add a couple of table top lamps, coupled with the ceiling units.

Similarly, the kitchen can have an isolated lighting unit for the island, while the cabinets can be installed with task lighting underneath them. This mixture of multiple level lighting can add flair and make the rooms functional and engaging.

Install Dimmers

Dimmer technology is quite an unknown section of lighting that most people are unaware of. Incorporate it into your bedrooms, kitchen or living room and you can control your overhead lighting whenever you want.

Besides being an attractive piece of tech, dimmers have a host of other advantages. They allow you to be more productive, reduce energy consumption thus saving money, and can make your rooms aesthetically pleasing in a romantic way. The functions are numerous, from brightening the kitchen overhead lights while cooking, to softening it while watching a movie or on date night in the living room.

Place Them Strategically

Every room has its own functionality that should be considered when installing light fixtures. If the lighting is not centred on the focal point of the room, it can become bland with a dull air.

Living Rooms

Incorporate indirect lighting to get the illusion of more space. Moreover, the living room is a place of rejuvenation. So complement the ceiling lights with small light fixtures on the walls to make the room more relaxing. Table top lamps, placed strategically in a corner or on end tables beside your sofa settee can alter the mood in a big way.

Dining Room 

The dining table is the centre of your dining room. So install the light to put that in the spotlight. It’s the place where the family congregate for a meal, so the lighting should be focused to grab people’s attention.


Rather than going with ceiling lights, you can instead combine recessed lighting and architectural lighting to light up the path. Ceiling lights can be incorporated depending upon the shape, design and size of the passageway. If you have art work adorning the walls, architectural lighting will show off the display stylishly.


This is a place which needs plenty of overhead lighting. Kitchen should be bright and well lit since meals should be cooked in a vibrant atmosphere. You can have cabinet lighting installed to make it more stylish and focused. If the kitchen is modelled in a dark tone, having bright lights would complement the décor well.


Bedrooms could do with indirect lighting by having nightstands or wall sconces. These provide a soft glow and an intimate atmosphere, allowing you to rest peacefully.

Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Recessed lighting is quite popular in contemporary homes, where minimalistic designs are coupled with modern décor. There is no architectural detail in recessed lighting, giving you a direct exposure that is clean and visually appealing. Homes with low ceilings can benefit highly from such types of fixtures.

One thing to keep in mind when considering recessed lighting is to make the decision early on, so that your builder and electrician can work on integrating it at the start of construction.

Accessorize for Functionality

The right lighting can make or break a room. While having a cozy and comfortable room is a necessity, you should shape your lighting to be more functional.

For example, in your living room, you can create a reading nook with a table top lamp set in the corner. If you have space to design a bookshelf, with a comfy chair, you will have your very own isolated island to immerse yourself in.

Similarly, you can have recessed lighting in your headboard, if you like to read in bed. Task lighting in your wardrobe will help you accessorize and pick out your clothes and jewellery easily.

When drawing up your lighting plan, always think about how you can use the lighting to project the features of your home. Make it intimate and personal, which will in turn provide a touch of class to your décor.