Should You Shop for Leather Motorcycle vest Online?

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The leather motorcycle vest is a stalwart of bikers round the world.  There is a simple reason for this; a leather motorcycle vest looks good!  It can also provide a high level of protection against the elements and help to prevent you from being injured if you are unfortunate enough to come off your motorcycle.

With the abundance of online shops you may be tempted to shop online; it is often seen as a cheaper option.  However, cheaper is not always better and you may find it more beneficial to locate your vest your local store or even at a trade show:


You will want the very best quality you can afford when purchasing a leather motorcycle vest.  Unfortunately, if you opt to purchase one online you might find it is not as good as it seems in the pictures.  Shopping online means you are unable to feel the quality of the product before you get it home.  It is possible to return any item you are not satisfied with but this will take time, hassle and will cost the return postage.

For this reason the physical shop is a more attractive option.  

The Look

In addition to being able to feel the quality of the leather motorcycle vest, you will be able to access a variety of others.  All of them are likely to have their own look and style.  There is bound to be one there that appeals to you.  If you are ordering online you will need to wait for it to arrive before returning it and then ordering a different size; if it doesn’t.

In a physical shop you will be able to try each leather motorcycle vest on; this should help you decide which one actually looks good on you.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of looking at the leather motorcycle vest in a shop is that you can talk to the store owner and learn some information regarding the history of the vest.  This can be invaluable to ensure you get the best possible vest.  After all, although it offers a high level of protection it must also look good whilst you are riding.

One surprising benefit of visiting a physical store is that you may find yourself chatting to the owner.  There are many reasons why this can be a useful thing:
  • Rapport – simply connecting with someone gets you connected.  You will have a contact which can help you to get the best deals. 
  • Discounts – most people associate the internet as being the place that you get the best deal.  However, you may be surprised to realize that a shop can offer an excellent price reduction on many of their leather products.  This is particularly effective if they have clothing that has been on display and they are ready to change the display.  The ex-display clothes will be sold at marked down process; giving you the benefit of the best leather motorcycle vest at a fraction of the price you would pay on the internet!