Content is no longer King. It is Emperor!

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The unending battle for internet traffic is still about delivering content”

            There is a Trillion dollars of equity value in online content. Yes, with a T;the total equity value of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube,, 9gag, and Redtube alone is enough to pay for the annual budget of most countries. That alone clearly shows the monetary value attached to the internet content industry.

            There are plenty of websites that provide an actual service such as amazon, ebay, airbnb,paypal,skype, and literally thousands of others. Some of them are, in their own right, Billion dollar companies; but these companies provide a service that we have been doing before the digital age. 

            However, there is dollar value in online content hosting and delivery. It doesn’t matter if the content is original, syndicated, hosted, or user generated. It doesn’t matter if the content is in prose, images, or videos.  The plain simple fact is, there is equity value in user traffic, and sustainable organic user traffic comes from content.

             It’s obvious that in order to succeed in the fiercely competitive cyberspace real estate, any website will need to provide fresh and relevant content. It doesn’t matter if it’s about the ramifications of Chinese cyber-attacks on US Civilian infrastructure or the latest Kardashian antics. It’s about information delivery, it is about something the newspaper industry has always known, that people will pay money to receive timely information.

            It is a well-known fact that search engines score heavily based on relevancy and amount of information in a website. SEO professionals know that fresh data are scored even higher. Internet Marketing professionals know that consistent delivery of fresh engaging information is scored even better. 

            Regardless of the product or service you are promoting over the net, if you have no traffic, it’s the same as you don’t exist. Traffic comes from content;after all, it’s idiotic to pay for click traffic just to be heard, then you have nothing to say.

            So have relevant content in your website. If you don’t have any, make them. If you don’t know how to demonstrate expertise in your business, you’re in the wrong industry. Write articles, make videos, create something for people to be interested in you and your website.

            If you do not have the skill set to do this, outsource it. Get your marketing people to start copywriting. Hire part timers in, upwork, or craigslist to provide content for you. 

            If that is still resource consuming then host them, there are plenty of relevant information on any topic already online that authors would appreciate being promoted for free. Good contentcuration tools such as,, and feedly can help automate rummaging through all the fresh daily content for inspiration or sharing.

            There is a magic balance between original and 3rd party content that you can host on your site for maximum conversion effect, this varies depending on your industry. There are also budget constraints especially with video hosting. So spread the love around, use social media sites as hosts, have different information available there, your self-hosted pages, and other third party hosts. If you can get gather enough interests in your own content and shares, Organic user traffic is sure to follow.