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Galaxy S9 will never lose its battery?

2:37 AM Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Recently, Super conductor batteries were leaked from the next generation device makers, and now rumors connect it to be used in the Galaxy S9.

Considering the predecessor of Galaxy S9, i.e. Galaxy S8 works pretty decent in terms of battery life.

Total for the first hour of intense, which went through performance and analysis of the AnTuTu, the battery has lost 15% of the charge. Standard operations were carried out then: photography, videography, verification of all types of communication applications. Thus, it took about 20% more battery power.

According to the testimony of the integrated battery monitoring, in this mode smartphone lived least 8 hours, which is very good. In passive mode, Wi-Fi and the screen Always On Smartphone has lost about 13% charge per day.

Part of the power consumption is optimized due to the built-in utility, well, in the amount of almost one and a half days after the operation the battery retains 41% capacity. Considering the result, we hope better for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

In terms of performance and technical specifications to the Galaxy S8 not find fault. The build quality and materials - super. Design nice. The screen, as always, at height, but still shows the right thing, without putting the battery. Camera - fire. Battery tenacious. Excess capacity, productivity increased too. Current system, there are pre-installed applications. List the pros can be long, have no weaknesses flagship. But it is worth the price to touch issues such as the problems begin.

Give 1200 USD for a smartphone is difficult, very difficult.

What do you think?

I would like to share their modest user experience and owning sevens for 8 months. All synthetic tests, measurements, camera ratings, disassembly and assembly have already been back time and again implemented as enthusiasts as well as professionals, so in my review, I can do without them and talk mostly about their experiences.

On other hand, Apple is more expensive with iPhone 7, and probably iPhone 7S will be more expensive. So, bet on the Samsung Galaxy S9, which will be more recommended.