Importance of Global Education Consultancy Services in India

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Thousands of Students from India head abroad every year to pursue their education. According to the recent statistics of U.S. Council of Graduate Schools, offers to Indian post-graduate students are up 25 percent compared to the global 9 percent for all nations.  
It isn't the want of better education and job opportunities alone that is taking Indian students abroad these days, there are multiple other reasons for it. The good scope for research and the Campus Diversity are some other reasons why Indian students consult Global Education Consultancy Services to study abroad.

There are some good Abroad Education Consultants in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and other major cities Of India which help students to get admission abroad.  Global Education Consultants in Chennai provides these students right kind of Guidance which helps them in getting admission in abroad universities.
Why Indian Students Prefer to Study Abroad?
The education in abroad is termed as the first step towards immigration by Indians. For the information of those students who are eager to get admission in the US, a total of $55 billion is spent by the United States on research annually which contributes to the 40% of the World’s research.
Moreover, the internships and the practical training avenues in the European countries provides valuable experience to the academic profiles of Indian students. Some programs even offer financial assistance to students. The Universities in UK, US, Australia, New Zeeland and Canada like countries are very well structured and flexible in providing education. Students get the maximum freedom to combine elective of their preference.
 Some abroad universities provide 100 per cent scholarship to deserving students. The Global education consultants in Chennai and other states of the country help Indian students choose college/university where the quality of education is of very high standard, peaceful and safe for Indians.  The Global education consultants in Chennai guide students through the most complicated procedure till the student gets a visa.
On the other hand, in India students find just a handful of top quality programs. There are hardly some courses in India that are counted by international experts in the top classes of academic programs. This factor we can say forces, bright students of India, to study abroad
 And when the students who study abroad return to India, their degrees are valued more in the job market of the country than a degree from a local university or a college.
 The Universities in the UK provide students far better facilities, atmosphere and labs for practical work than they get in India. They get access to top faculty members and get affiliated with research institutes and laboratories with ease.
  Moreover, many parents in India approach Global Education Consultancy Services to send their kids abroad to receive an education because they see it as the first step towards their emigration.  This is not any snowberry but a true fact that a large number of students from India and other Asian countries prefer to stay abroad after completion of their courses.
  The data provided by U.S. National Science Foundation’s Survey of Earned Doctorates reveals that more than 80 percent of Indian students prefer to stay in the US after the completion of their degrees.
 All the Study Abroad Specialists in Chennai follow a set procedure while providing counseling and career guidance to students. They meet students and teachers in the campuses, fix meetings and conduct workshops for students. They help the student in selecting a course according to his/her capabilities. Moreover, these Study abroad specialists in Chennai explain students Acceptance, preparation Application and at the end of departure phases


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