Wonder Drug Parabolan Effects Fast Muscle Growth

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In the world of bodybuilding, the word steroid is very common and most of them have used one form of steroid or other. However, the word Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate or Parabolan will bring in awe and fear at the same time. Awe because it brings in very good results in muscle growth or lean mass muscle and fear due to its potential side effects if abused. Parabolan is an Androgenic Anabolic steroid of the hormone 9,11 Nandrolone or Testosterone. This is mostly used in veterinary medicine for mass muscle growth, lesser feed and ammonia and nitrogen retention.

Parabolan use in Humans

Even though the drug was intended to use in animals, it has found its use in humans too for a variety of reasons. Since the drug in the blood stream increase nitrogen and ammonium retention capability, they increase the amount of protein which in turn helps in higher muscle growth. The other useful parabolan effects of the drug is in reducing the catabolic or destruction of tissue thereby reducing cell growth.

Effectiveness compared to other AAS

The drug is available only as an injection. An extra ester added to Trenbolone to make it Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. When the extra ester is cleaved off by the plasma lipase, only trenbolone remains and this has nearly 5 times the affinity to bind to Androgen receptors than testosterone. This enables the drug for faster muscle growth and bone density.

Toxicity and Side Effects

The Effects have more impact on the human body as established above. Like more useful effects there are also more side effects on using this drug. Since this is a strong anabolic steroid and increases male characteristics in women. Also, the drug can’t be properly aromatized, more estrogen is generated by the drug. The effects of female hormone estrogen are felt by the larger size of breasts in men and other endocrine disturbances. In women, it increases the male characteristics like hair loss, deeper voices and in some cases virilization.

Dosage and Safe Use

It has been established that Parabolan is a very strong steroid than any other testosterone inducing steroid. In that sense, it requires less quantity to bring in some good effects. For anoptimized parabolan effects, an injection of 1.5ml which is equivalent to 50mg of trenbolone is enough for 15 days. The effectiveness of a drug is quantified by the half-life of a drug and in the case of Parabolan, it is 2 weeks. Hence administering the drug twice a month is more than enough bringing in good results. 

Taking steroids alone won’t work miracles in some cases. One needs to have a genetic disposition, hereditary requirements and a strong body to start off as a bodybuilder. In this case, with parabolan effects, they can start to build more muscle and cut the fat at the same time. Since the muscle strength is increased, the effect of joint pain is also reduced. 

This allows a bodybuilder to work out more hours in a gym with little or less down time. For good results, combine the workouts with a healthy diet and eating habits.