A Guide to Outdoor Event Organising

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Organising an outdoor event can be tricky at the best of times, and with the unreliable British climate to take into account, one must prepare for the worst. Of course, the type of event will dictate what you require, and whether it is a wedding reception or corporate event, you will need some sort of suitable shelter. Marquee tents are a popular choice for many outdoor events, or one can hire hospitality trailers, which are quite luxurious and are suitable for corporate entertaining.

ü  Consider your Budget - Every event must have a budget, and this will determine exactly what you can provide. If the budget is a little on the low side, you will need all of your negotiating skills, as you barter with various suppliers, and with some careful planning, it is possible to keep costs to a minimum.

ü  Organise the Essentials First – Things like toilet facilities need to be arranged well in advance, as the suppliers are always very busy, especially in the summer months. If your event in to be held in the north of England, there is affordable portable toilet hire in Yorkshire, and with many other amenities on offer, such as VIP hospitality trailers, you can organise all the essentials in one go. Make sure you have adequate power supply, and drinking water is also a requirement

ü  Create a Contact List – This is essential, and every contact number should be included, as things can change in an instant. Once you have arranged all the necessary services, make sure you confirm with each and every one as the day of the event approaches. It pays to use available technology, and your smartphone or tablet is the ideal platform from which to manage and oversee the event.

ü  Parking Facilities – This must not be overlooked or indeed underestimated, and if you know the expected number of attendees, calculating the number of vehicles is not difficult. Consider the weather, as a field will be fine on a hot sunny day, but might turn into a mud bath if the heavens open. There should be at least one marshal who ensures proper parking, as people tend to be rather sloppy if not supervised, and before you know it, the parking area will be full.

ü  Take Weather Precautions – High winds and driving rain can literally bring an outdoor event to an abrupt end, so you might want to consider setting up windbreaks in the right places. If there is no cover in the event of rain, you are really taking a chance, and without a written guarantee from the weather experts, the event is at the mercy of the elements. Marquee tents and covered walkways are always a possibility, but one way or another, be prepared for rain.

An experienced event organiser would delegate a majority of the tasks, and would spend most of their time overseeing and liaising with the relevant services, and with a back-up plan firmly in place, they would be prepared for any eventuality.


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