Life's a party, Dress like it!

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The Party

How many times have you stood in front of your closet and thought '' not fair, it is so easy for men, just a pant and shirt to think about'!!Women have so many things to keep in mind when dressing for a party; the kind of party: day or evening, formal or informal, a grand function, an office party, indoors or outdoors and so on and so forth.

It goes without saying that you would like to be the best dressed at the party, something your friend seems to achieve quite effortlessly!!

The Ensemble

Thankfully the grunge look is behind us, and elegant, sophisticated, feminine clothes are back in vogue.There are so many decisions to make about the outfit, ethnic or western, long or short, fitting or breezy, embellished or simple.

Footwear also needs some serious thought; high heels or flats? That depends on whether the party is going to be indoors on flooring or outdoors on a soft lawn (where heels tend to sink into the soil), are you going to be standing for long, are you going to be running around or dancing a lot, strappy or sturdy. It is always a debate between style and comfort.

Next comes the jewellery and accessories, the makeup and perfume; here I think the old adage “less is more” holds good. It goes without saying that you should ensure that your skin, toe and finger nails and hair are all in tip top condition.

The Dress

The rightparty dress for womenis so important; so let’s talk choices:

Day time parties are normally casual events so a thumb rule could be that you dress just a bit fancier that you normally would. Cotton, chiffon, silk, and denim, work well during the day. A strappy or halter sun dress; a maxi dress with high slits on the sides, cropped tops with a flared skirt, all look good. The colours you choose should reflect your mood and personality; you could wear bright colours or muted ones, wear a single colour or do stripes or floral prints.Contrasting prints add zing to your outfit. You could really play around with colours for a day dress.Don’t forget your straw hat and sunglasses!An oversize bag normally suits the occasion.Sandals and wedges are great for outdoor parties; neutral coloured makeup gives it the final touch.
Dressing for an evening party, however, takes things to another level. The rule should be simple yet bold. It could be a long gown (if the occasion warrants one); a dress above the knees works well too. The dress must be well cut and stitched, whether you are buying from a store or buying online from sites like abofmake sure you do not compromise on the cut.

The best materials for the evening are silk, chiffon and satin.Though black seems to be the go-to colour, it is better to go with a colour that enhances your skin tone (black can make some of us look dull and washed out).

Jewellery can really make your dress look amazing.A simple necklace that reaches just above the top of your neckline with simple earrings is always a winner; if you feel like wearing chunky earrings don’t wear a necklace. Subtle makeup is always a god choice as it helps emphasise you best features.An elegant pair of high heels or stilettos and a clutch bag completes the look.

 Whether you are dressing for a day out or a special occasion, do remember that confidence is your best accessory. Choose ensembles you are comfortable in, and which reflect your style.