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9Apps for Shopping; Find the best of Shopping Apps

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How often do you shop online? How many shopping apps are installed on your device? Years ago, online shopping was not very relevant. The idea looked awkward to many and there existed only a few shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart. People started shopping online and now it is the trend. Here we list out a few of major 9Apps for Shopping. These apps are to make your shopping an easier one.

Before we dig deeper into shopping online and the apps which help you shop online easily, it is important to know what the 9Apps app is. Rather than saying it as a mere app, it is an alternative Android store where you can enjoy thousands of apps. The app is lighter in nature.As a result, you will enjoy quicker browsing speed and lower loading time.

The app loads faster. As it is very light, this is also ideal for those devices with low internal storage and limited RAM. The app is a doorway to hundreds of apps. You can even avoid downloading a good number of apps. This also will help you save storage on your device. For instance, if you are downloading ten apps. Each app is 20 MB in size. Then you will require 200 MB on your device. In other words, a total of 200MB will be consumed from your internal storage.

The 9Apps store lets you enjoy many apps without downloading them. You will also find apps of your favourite categories as well. As far as online shopping apps are considered, the android store has nearly all of them on the board. Here are some of them.

Top Shopping Apps on 9Apps

There are hundreds of shopping apps on the store. Here are a few of the major ones among many.

·         Amazon India: Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping sites across the world. Amazon India is an exclusive platform for India. The app lets you shop thousands of products from top brands.

·         Jabong India: This is another popular shopping app. This Android app is listed on the store. The app also is useful to find and purchase any products of our choice.

·         Shop Clues: This is another Android app for meeting your online shopping needs.

·         PayTM: Though started as a payment service initially, PayTM has now launched shopping on their site.The app also gives lots of offers and discounts.

·         Flipkart: This is one of the most popular shopping sites in India. The shopping major remains a great spot for getting some devices like smartphones as the site gains exclusive rights for the same.

Apart from these, other shopping apps include OLX, SnapDeal, Myntra and more.

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