Should we take a Pregnancy test- Nay or Yay

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Pregnancy is a beautiful thing that can happen to a woman. However, it is also noteworthy that with its beautiful side, it comes with a little bit of a fuzzy road. There are some complications and health issues that can emerge at this stage. It all starts with us obsessing about getting pregnant and trying to figure out if we are. There was a time when a woman had to wait for their cycle in order to know if they are pregnant. Thanks to the over the counter pregnancy test, women can know if they are pregnant before waiting for their period.

Even with the home pregnancy test, one must be assured about when one must go for it in order to get the most effective results. Some women are so particular about their bodies and them getting periods that they just know it when they are pregnant. Speaking of when to go for a test is a very relative term.

Everybody is different, and so is their bodies’ reaction to it. One can have all the symptoms of being pregnant and still not be pregnant, and sometimes you’ll just not have any symptom at all and be pregnant. It’s all different for different women.

Before knowing when to take a pregnancy test, let’s know how it works?

One can go for a home pregnancy test which detects the HCG hormone in the urine which is produced in the body only when the egg is implanted into the walls of the uterus. Implantation usually occurs after a week or two after conception and how early can your pregnancy be detected depends on the sensitivity of your pregnancy test towards the HCG hormone.

Time to take a pregnancy test:

·         A missed period is a yes-yes to being pregnant, and one must know and analyze their cycle so that any delay can be suspectedupon. One must be careful though because a missed period can also be caused due to stress and some other non-pregnancy stuff.

·         According to different clinics, one of the best times to get the most effective pregnancy test is around your period cycle. Any test before that will have a larger uncertainty and can also show otherwise.

·         Spotting: If you experience light bleeding just around your cycle with lots of cramps, it can be the sign of pregnancy. This spotting is caused due to implantation and lasts for a couple of days.

·         Swollen breasts: If you feel heavy and sore breasts before the cycle and some unusual sensation around your nipples. It might be a time for you to take a pregnancy test.

·         Fatigue: If you know your body, any unusual behavior can be detected, and lethargic is one of them. If you feel way too tired than how you normally do maybe it’s time to suspect something.
If a woman experiences any oneof these symptomsor a bunch of them while expecting a baby, it’s worth to go for a pregnancy test.