The story of Thai lottery superstitions and growing popularity of Underground lottery

Thailand lottery ticket is hugely demanded. There are many segments through which these tickets are sold. Mostly, the tickets are bought by the retailers through wholesalers. This is the known or general way of business. In addition, there are underground lottery dealers operating across the nation. The tickets or the lotteries operated by these dealers are speculated to be four to five times the size of the official lottery.

What makes Underground lottery so popular?

Due to huge demand of thai lottery, Underground lotteries too witness a huge demand. These lotteries in general are prepared as per the number drawn in the official lottery. Moreover, these dealers offer greater prize amount, credit purchases and also come up with additional betting options. Interestingly, one can start underground lottery business in very small scale; all you would need is a notebook and pen. This is the reason that number of people involved with underground lottery is growing in comparison with the conventional thai lottery. They are so widespread these days that such business communities are also operating abroad.

There is an equivalent popularity of Thailand lottery as well. According to the reports, one among three of Thai people is associated with Underground lotteries. Despite being illegal, these tickets have managed to grow with popularity. In fact, this thai lottery has become so much integral to Thai community that the top universities of the nation is dedicated towards its study.

Greater chance of winning:

According to reports, the popularity of Underground lottery is growing more than the conventional forms. One of the prominent reasons behind the growing popularity of underground lottery is the higher possibility of winning here by the participants. More people are enquiring about underground thai lottery tips as the prize amount is much higher. It won’t be wrong to claim that this illegal thai lottery shares a huge portion of the Thai economy. It is also a fact that these communities are currently much ahead of the networks of the tax officers.

There is no formula for how to win thai lottery. However, people are certainly not bothered for underground lottery as the chances of winning is greater here in comparison to the others. The level of excitement here is pretty much the same as of regular Thailand lottery result. However, people don’t mind giving multiple trials as the chances of winning is much higher here in comparison with the traditional forms.


 As explained above, the prizes involved with underground lottery is much higher than the conventional thai lottery.  There are so much of superstitions associated with Thailand lottery as well. It is a perception among many Thais that picking a number from the commonly occurring events can deliver them good result. For example, they often consider double headed fishes, snakes, etc and make a number out of it, which is indeed quite tough to understand for others, and consider it lucky. In fact, some Thais also have the perception that natural disasters often bring good luck and it causes birth of powerful devils those actually help in getting lucky number.

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