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Rightly Pointing Out The Christian Beliefs of Calvary Houston

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Christianity is a religion that is always known for being a comparatively liberal one, it does not entail any massive sacrifices or rituals, but the core requirement of Christianity is belief. There are many things that the Christian faith asks its followers to believe and act upon. The community church Calvary Houston started in 1982 reinstates those beliefs and helps all those who seek refuge in the Lord, find the joy of living even in this harsh world.

The Beliefs that are Endorsed by Calvary Houston
  1. They believe that there is only one God in whom there are three persons – God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. It is this God who deserves all praise and honor and worship and that there can be no other Gods before Him.

  1. Calvary Houston believes in the birth of Jesus through a Virgin by the power of the Holy Spirit, His meek, humble and sinless life as the son of a carpenter, Joseph his earthly father; His miracles to show the might and power of God against all odds of this world; His painful death and the showing of His unconditional love for the human race by dying on the cross to bear the sins of man; His bodily resurrection from the dead showing the miraculous power of God and His triumph over death, and His Ascension into Heaven to reunite with His Father God Almighty.

  1. They believe that the regeneration of a sinful individual who has lost his soul in the glamour of the world, by the Holy Spirit, is an absolute mandatory thing; so that one can rightfully claim to be worthy of possessing a place in the Holy presence of God.

  1. They believe in the powerful guidance of the Holy Spirit who gives the strength to every individual, who seeks Him to live a godly life. It is with the help of the Holy Spirit that one finds his true calling on this Earth and is able to heed to plan of God for him.

  1. They believe as God had promised that the second coming of Jesus will bring with it the Judgment day when all the living as well as the dead will resurrect to be judged by their creator.

  1. The church is believed to be the body and bride of Jesus Christ and is the instrument of spreading the kingdom of God on Earth. This is why they consider themselves to be commissioned to disciple nations and reinforce the belief of the presence of God in the world.

  1. Finally, they believe that it is the Bible that is the infallible, inspired and authoritative word of God that has the answers to every situation of one’s life. It is thus that this community church follows the writings of the Bible religiously and bases all of their worshiping on it.
This community church organizes special and extravagant worship services wherein the presence of God is felt and the mercies of the lord praised with immense devoutfulness.