What to Do When You Regret Your Short Hair Cut

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We've all done it – been to the salon to get a cut or style that we thought we'd absolute love but then ended up completely hating it. Thankfully, getting your hair cut short and then deciding you really don't like it isn't the end of the world. There are several things that you can do if you find yourself in this situation and you're panicking about having to suffer a look you don't even like.

  1. Wait for it to grow back
Thankfully, your hair will grow back, which means a short cut isn't the end of the world if it hasn't worked out how you hoped it would. It might take a few weeks before you start noticing a difference in the length, but look after it and it will grow back even quicker. You can help it to grow by washing and conditioning your hair regularly but not too often, avoiding exposing it to bad weather and also tying it up a lot.

  1. Use hair extensions
You don't have to suffer your new short hair cut during the weeks that you're waiting for it to grow back. You can use hair extensions for short hair, which will give you the extra length that you want. The only problem with using extensions is that you will have to make sure they are quite thick in order to cover enough space to make it look like you have naturally long hair. If you're not used to wearing hair extensions, look into the different types which are available – you can go to a salon to have extensions put in temporarily, or you can buy clip-in extensions and experiment with them. It's important to get a colour, which matches your shade properly, in order to make it look less obvious that you are wearing extensions.

  1. Get your hair dyed a different colour
If you don't like your hair short, you might change your mind if you have it coloured. If you've been debating with yourself about getting your hair dyed for a long while now, it might be the perfect time to finally take the plunge and get it coloured. Don't colour it yourself though – choose a good salon that can do it for you. You can talk through the options with your hairdresser and come to a conclusion about the type of shade you want. You can get highlights or lowlights if you don't want a change, which is too dramatic, or you can go for an entirely different colour or something quirky and edgy such as purple, blue or pink.

  1. Style your hair differently
Maybe you don't like the cut when it's been straightened, but you might like it with a few curls and waves added in. Experiment by tying a section of your hair up, curling some of it, trying out loose curls and bigger curls and also blow-drying it slightly differently. You can also backcomb your hair to create some more volume, which can also make your hair seem bigger or longer.

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