When a Relationship Goes Sour - Getting Couples Counselling

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When you hear about couples counselling, what do you normally think about? Some people see this as something that only desperate couples do in order to stay together. Do you feel the same way too? You should know that couples counselling is done by couples who would like to feel more at ease with each other. If they know that something is going on between them or a wall has been put up because of a situation that they have gone through, they aim to break that wall to continue loving each other. Counselling should not be considered as something negative because this can be very helpful for various couples. Check our Facebook for more details.

People always have the notion that going through counselling at licensed counselling center means that whatever problems that people have cannot be fixed anymore. For example, those who are depressed may try not to go through individual counselling because they are afraid of being judged. Going to counseling is actually a brave thing because it shows that you are acknowledging the fact that you need help. You are accepting the situation that you are in and you want to resolve your problem. You can learn more about how you can get the help that you need here.

There are some signs that you need to look for to know for sure that you are required to undergo counselling with your partner. The first sign is that whenever you try to talk to your partner, you always end up fighting. This is because you still have a lot of unresolved issues that you were unable to talk about before. The slightest things can make you mad at each other but the reason for this is something much deeper than what you are fighting about.

Another sign that shows that you need to undergo counselling soon is when you try not to become sweet and affectionate towards your partner because you are trying to punish your partner for what he/she has done to you. The situation may be reversed. Either way, you need to undergo counselling because this is not the normal way of dealing with problems within the relationship. If you get angry over small things and you do not give a kiss or hug to your partner because of your anger this is a sign that your relationship does not have enough balance. You can come visit us at Bayridge Counselling Centre St. Catharines in order to know more about how we can help you.

If there is one thing that you should understand about relationship counselling, this is it - it does not mean that just because you went to therapy, you will automatically fall in love with each other again or communicate more effectively than before. This can mean that you have tried to salvage your relationship but it depends on you and your partner if the relationship still has to go on. If you have realized through therapy that the wounds you have created are too deep, you can rid yourself of the relationship amiably. The key to undergoing therapy is to try to save what you still have. If there is nothing worth saving the counselling will also help you let each other go.