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Why Avoid General Contractors for Basement Finishing?

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When it comes to getting your basement renovated or finished, you just cannot afford to put your money on a general contractor with no experience of basement finishing. Of course, some of them can certainly handle the task, but do not expect maximum satisfaction when opting for those general contractors. You have to understand that they do not make living finishing basements, which means their experience will always be limited. So many things make basement finishing a challenging task, and general contractors usually lack the experience to handle those challenges in a professional manner. Here are some other reasons why you should always select a professional with years of experience in basement finishing. 

They Make Wrong Material Choices 

General contractors can make a mistake when selecting building materials. The thing they usually do not realize is that the environment of a basement is different from the rest of the house, which is why it requires different building materials. If they are going to install drywall on the ceilings and walls of your basement, you will eventually be dealing with sagging ceiling, moldy drywall, and musty smells. General contractors can certainly finish the job, but they just cannot make the right decisions considering the long-term effects of whatever material they select for your basement. 

Similarly, general contractors usually recommend installing carpeting on a concrete basement floor, which is never a good idea. In fact, using this option may take up to 4 inches of headroom from the overall space. If you have a wood subfloor on the concrete, it is never a good idea to go with carpeting because wood boards can collect moisture that can cause the wood to swell, rot, or buckle. An experienced contractor, on the other hand, will always offer the lasting solution you need. They always have their emphasis on using properly insulated and organic materials that keep your basement look great for many decades.

They are Less Reliable in Every Way

A general contractor may work amazingly well in any other area of your house, but they may fail to deliver the same level of satisfaction when taking care of basement finishing. This is mainly due to their lack of experience. Moreover, the estimated cost and time they give will not be as reliable as given by someone who specializes in basement finishing. In fact, you should expect more than 10% cost overrun by the end of your project. This is another reason why you need to avoid hiring a general contractor for basement specific job. 

The bottom line is that you can always find a general contractor to handle basement finishing, but you are not going to receive great results. You have to bear in mind that only a professional who specializes in basement finishing will be in a position to deliver maximum satisfaction. Therefore, take your time and ensure that you have hired a specialist to change the look of your basement.