The experience loved by every trader

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Trading in stock market is much common these days. People are in need of some side income which can be availed with a little investment of capital and moderate risk. Those who have knowledge of the market and price movement can identify the opportunity and hit the trade at the very right moment. However, for any trader, a trading and demat account are must which he must get opened with a leading broker, broking company or a sub-broker. There are many broking companies which are authorised by the SEBI, regulator of the stock market.

Account opening:

To get a demat and a trading account opened one needs to furnish his identity and address proof to the service provider, sign the deal and in a few days the account gets opened. However, the client must have a clear idea for what he wants to go. He wants to have investment and go for the delivery trading or intraday trading where the position is squared off on the same day. He also needs to know the difference between online and offline account before jumping into the trading. One must know various charges associated with the trading. For a demat account, there is annual maintenance charge while for a trading account there is a brokerage. The brokerage is applicable to every trade whether it is for intraday or delivery. However, the rates for both the trades are different. To have the best stock trading experience, one needs to open an account with a broker who can offer services par excellence

How to trade:

To know how to trade one needs to get training on operating the software. There is prime software from the exchanges, but all the broking companies also have similar software developed for trading. Hence one needs to learn the use of various keys on the computer as well as application. Almost every company in the stock market has an application also that can be operated on a smartphone with the internet. It acts same that of the prime software of the exchange. There are training centres where one can learn it or can also ask some of the terminal operators to help one learn this operation.

Those who want to go for the offline does not need to learn the operation of the software, but for the client, with the online account, it is a must as he has to carry out the trades on his own only. One can operate the software on a desktop or a laptop, but high speed internet connection is a must.

For effective trading, it is much recommended to keep a watch on changing trends and movement of prices. One also needs to keep an eye on national as well as international news as the market is much sensitive to each of such news. Government policies, economic data, production in companies, political situation, monetary policy and movement in the international market are some of the important factors that one needs to keep an eye on. Such a watch can help one form a trading strategy.