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Vaping - Some Interesting Facts About Vapes And Vaping Etiquettes

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Vaporizers, or vapes, as they are popularly known are the latest fad now. Earlier, you might have seen celebrities with an e-cigarette or vape in their hands or heard about it, but are not sure what exactly they are or not found it very attractive too. Let us first understand what vapes are - these are devices that produce vapor from varying materials which could either be dry herbs or an e-liquid or a concentrate. The vapor produced is inhaled (much like how cigarettes are smoked or inhaled) and this is termed as vaping and the device is called an e-cigarette or a vape.

The perception of people towards vaping is still mixed as a number of factions are trying to put restrictions on it much like those imposed on cigarettes and smoking in public. However, on the other hand there are festivals dedicated especially to vapes and vaping. And many chain smokers who are looking to quit the habit are switching to vaping in order to stub the addiction.

Also, vaping is not just inhaling nicotine, as it is perceived as an e-cigarette. There are a number of variants available especially in the form of e-liquids and juices where one can buy ejuice online if it is not available in stores and additionally choose from a variety of flavors too. There are also concentrates available to be inhaled. Apart from the type of ingredients being used there is even a choice for the type of vape, either conduction or a convection vaporizer. And even you can choose from a handheld or a desktop vaporizer depending on the preference. The types of vaporizers in the market are described here-
These are disposable devices which come pre-filled with e-liquid. Their structure is very basic and it is available usually at gas stations too.

       Vape pens
Some of these devices resemble a pen while some are bigger and resemble a USB drive instead. These pens are more powerful as compared to e-cigarettes.

       Vape Mods
These devices are portable and offer a lot of power in terms of flavor as well as vapor.

       Desktop vaporizers
These devices offer the best experience in terms of vaping given their big size. These devices are used for dry herbs and oils too, apart from e-liquids. Given their size and performance these devices are considerably expensive compared to other devices.

Etiquettes to keep in mind while using a vaporizer 
The vaping experience can be quite fascinating, but just like cigarettes there are some etiquettes that can be kept in mind while using a vaporizer to come across as a well-behaved gentleman.
These etiquettes include common cordial behavior such as-
       Taking care not to vape indoors
       Being careful to not blow the vapors in the faces of people sitting with you
       Ensuring to take permission at certain locations before actually vaping
       Avoiding to vape in the presence of children
       Being attentive of your vaping equipment and not leaving it behind
       Being considerate and not acting like a snob while vaping. It usually helps to use common sense and be aware of one's surroundings

So, these facts and information on vaping and vaporizers will help you with your experience different lifestyle using a vape. Also, this smoke free, smell free alternative to a cigarette which packs in more flavour minus the health hazards can be worth a try.