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The Benefits of Having a Wetroom in Your House

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Wetrooms are a recent innovation in bathrooms. A wetroom is basically a specific part of the bathroom that is like a shower pod or enclosure, but is constructed as a part of the bathroom, and not just an installable.

A wetroom is a sealed, waterproofed part of the bathroom that is made for sealing water and moisture, and is usually just equipped with a screen for walls. Here are some of the benefits of having a wetroom in your home:
  1. More cost-effective in the long run. Unlike shower cubicles that require installation and maintenance, a wetroom, once constructed or installed, does not need to be maintained. Like every part of the house, it only needs to be regularly cleaned.
  2. Mess-free. It is essentially a shower area that is built so that water stays in it, and does not spread to other parts of the bathroom. Matting, waterproof boarding, as well as sloped flooring are some of the things that a wetroom possesses. The wetroom shower screen, which is usually 8 mm or 10 mm glass, also keeps water from spraying on other parts of the room. Because it keeps water inside it, a wetroom prevents other parts of the bathroom from getting wet or moist. That means less cleaning duties for you.
  3. Saves space. It is typically just a small area that contains a showerhead and other bathing essentials. Unlike shower pods, a wetroom does not have doors or thick walls that consume space. It only has a glass screen that separates it from the rest of the bathroom.
  4. Easier to use and clean. If you are living with elderly family members, physically disabled, or young children, you will find that having a wetroom is more efficient because it is easy to use. No doors, no complicated shower trays. Because of this, the wetroom enclosure is easier to use and access.
  5. Gives a modern feel to bathrooms. Wetrooms have a minimalist aesthetic to them, compared to bulky, installed shower cubicles. Since they are see-through, they also give the illusion of space. Even if you own an average sized bathroom, having a wetroom will make it look luxurious.
Things to Consider Before Getting a Wetroom
Like all home essentials, there are many things to consider before getting your own wetroom. Although it is a one-time installation project, you will still need the help of a professional to waterproof the entire wetroom from floor to ceiling. A professional would also take charge of adjusting the drainage and installing a shower, if it is not yet present.

Also consider the fact that if you are selling your home, buyers would most likely prefer having a bath than a wetroom. Overall, having a wetroom is a good addition to the home, especially if you prefer showers to baths.