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Design ideas for plush night clubs

1:24 AM Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

These days people indulge into a lot of business plans and opening restaurant and cafes have been very popular in recent years. Also one can open a night club if they are passionate for party and want to attract the youth population of the city.

Once you decide on opening a night club the major things that you need to attract people are some eye catching lighting and some appealing floor area where people will love to dance and enjoy. Luxury club designs mostly depend on these two factors which will give people a proper and loveable ambience so that they can come back here again.

In fact, these days while decorating night clubs one can also think of some quirky themes which will make the space even more attractive. Some might think that picking up a theme may be a bit expensive but that is not true. One can go for a theme in a pocket friendly budget and your club can be the trendiest one in the city.

Here are some crazy themes that you can pick up for your night club decor.

Jungle Theme

You can create and exotic jungle in the interior of your night club. One can use some special stencils and light machines to project some lively images of Cheetah, Zebra or Leopards on the walls. This will make the walls look unique. Also when you are decorating the interiors you can keep furniture made form faux furs. When you are selecting the tables, chaises and bar stools try to include as much animal prints as possible. But animal prints are mostly tan or black in colour. So add a splash of vibrant colours by adding some funky blue, shades of pink or yellow with some tropical flower arrangements. You can do whatever you want but remember to keep your dance floor free of obstacles.

Asian Theme

If you pick the Asian theme, then it has to be full of accent colours and wall panelling. One can also decorate some hues of wealth and prosperity keeping in mind the tradition of Asia. If you want you can incorporate the Chinese philosophy and its five major elements in your night club decor. Also keep a flowing stream or artificial water fall at the corner as it represents fluidity. Go for dark wood tables and dragon headed chairs. Woods and golden coloured furniture can be the top picks for you.

Chic and Modern Theme

This is a very common but safe choice for modern night clubs. You can stand out with your imaginative power while decorating the place and the furniture that you use has to be sleek and classy. Go for comfortable chairs and high rise bar stools which can have dark and solid colours. Bar counters can be made from granite or marble slabs as they look very classy and stylish. This gives the entire space an air and ambience for sophistication.

One can also hire professional club design services so that they give the decor finish perfectly.