Some Delicious Street Food

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Street foods are very popular among the people and rarely any person is there, who does not like to taste various street foods. If you are fond of street foods and your mouth starts watering, then the following street foods can remind you about your favorite street foods. However, lots of street foods are there to enjoy but only some of them are described below:

Lakhanpur de Bhalle: It is a fried snack prepared with pulses that are best accompanied with green chutney and shredded radish. The tangy and slightly spicy aroma of the particular local feast initiates accumulating in the nose, while you entering this place.
ChholeBhature: This mouth-watering Punjabi cuisine plays a role of a staple breakfast in most of the Punjabi Households. Green peas cooked in classic Punjabi spices and curry accompanied with fried bread is sufficient to salivating anyone’s taste buds. You can visit the narrow colourful streets of Amritsar and feel the taste of ChholeBhature.

AlooTikki: Aalootikki is a superb delicacy of ’Lucknow’ – the city of nawabs. Every city features own versions of the particular exotic cuisine. In Mumbai, it is RagdaPattice and in Delhi, it is frequently confused with aaloo chat.

Lucknow features a vast range of non-vegetarian cuisines and also offers a great delicacy to the veggie lovers as these small puffed mashed potatoes, named ‘AalooTikki’. It goes very well with sweet – sour chutneys and spicy green peas curry.

PaniPuri:PaaniPuri is also known as Golgappe or Phuchka. Whatever the name is, you can’t resist yourself from tasting these little minty-tangy delights.

You can follow an easy recipe of PaniPuri if you do not need to prepare the sweet tamarind chutney. The particular spiced water (or pani) can be made by learning its recipe.

This pani should feature three major tastes – sweet, tangy, and spicy that means all three tastes – meetha, khatta, and teekha taste in one pani only, otherwise, basically both the sweet chutney and spicy chutney are prepared separately. You can even find panipuri recipe in Marathi on the internet.

LittiChokha: It is the Bihari version of Rajasthan’s Dal Batti. It is among the traditional cuisines of Bihar that can be consumed as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A chokha or spicy curry prepared with mashed potato or brinjal is accompanied with Litti or bread prepared from grams.

Momos: Momos are among the best Indian street foods. It is a migratory food;momosare native to Nepal and Tibet. Momos are spicy roadside cuisines and it has mushroomed from roadside stalls to food courts in most of the Malls. Spicy tangy red sauce along with steaming hot dumplings is loaded with chicken or veggies are something that you can’t resist.

Street foods are almost impossible to resist and if you want to get those similar tastes, then you can learn the recipes from different food websites. TundeKabab, Chaat, Chow Mein, Paya Soup, Poha, Thukpa soup, Akkirotti, MirchiBajji, Dabeli, MisalPav, VadaPao, Kachori and etc. What are you waiting for? Just start preparing.


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