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Laughing Gas Is More Useful Than You Thought

10:18 PM Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Most people assume that nitrous oxide is only useful in a dentist’s office, where it has traditionally been used for decades and is still used today. However, there are many other uses for nitrous oxide – laughing gas – which some people know, and some do not.

Once you learn about these uses, however, you will understand how prevalent nitrous oxide truly is in our lives. Below are the top 10 uses of nitrous oxide:

1. Medical and Dental Anesthetic

Nitrous oxide is given to dental patients receiving treatment for their gum infection or toothaches. It not only helps to relax them, but it eases the pain they would otherwise feel.

For medical purposes, nitrous oxide is given to patients with respiratory disorders or pregnant women who are about to give birth. The idea is for the gas to numb the pain that all these people would otherwise experience.

2. Food Processing Propellant

Anytime you purchase a food product such as cooking spray or whipped cream that comes in an aerosol spray can, it likely has nitrous oxide inside.

The gas is used in the can as a propellant that helps move the liquid or creamy solution out when the top is pressed.

3. Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductors are found in virtually all electronic items. Anytime a highly-technological thin film is created – especially when creating LCD – nitrous oxide will be used during the creation process, most commonly used during the chemical vapor deposition process.

4. Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry is performed in areas where nitrous oxide is present, particularly when scientists study the gases that are accumulating in the atmosphere from global warming.
As the sea levels rise, more nitrous oxide enters the Earth’s atmosphere. This increase has a huge impact on climate change and the level of oxygen in the air.

5. Cheap Drug

Nitrous oxide is inexpensive to manufacture because there is a growing supply of it in this world. Therefore, many food companies use it as a propellant and dentists use it as a cheaper anesthetic alternative to intravenous sedation.

6. Auto-racing Engine Injection

Nitrous oxide is injected into auto-racing engines as an additive because it provides the fuel with more oxygen during the internal combustion process. This helps increase the performance of the engine and supplies enough energy to move the car faster.

7. Children’s Anethstetic

A lot of kids who go to the dentist or medical doctor might be too afraid to get a needle stuck in their mouths or arms when they need to be sedated.
The good thing about nitrous oxide is that it can be administered by simply having the child wear a mask. As they breathe in the fumes, they’ll immediately become less nervous.

8. Air Pollution

When most people talk about global warming, they talk about how carbon dioxide is polluting the atmosphere. The reality is that nitrous oxide is 300 times worse for the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.
The production of both of these greenhouse gases mixed with the natural emissions of them from the ocean is hastening climate change.

9. Potato Chips

The next time you open a bag of potato chips and feel that little bit of wind come out of the bag, you are really feeling a small amount of nitrous oxide. This gas is used to keep potato chip bags looking puffy and voluminous, as though they have more chips in them than they really do.

10. Suicide Prevention

Researchers are currently studying the effectiveness of nitrous oxide in aiding suicidal people. Some studies have found it to be very effective in helping people forget about their suicidal thoughts and feel happier about life.

Of course, these effects are only temporary, but it could buy some time so that the person can get professional help.

Image: Pixabay Creative Commons CC0