PH levels during the course of pregnancy

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What is PH in pregnancy? It goes on to analyse the alkalinity or acidity of your urine sample. It could be termed as a painless and a simple test. The medicines, your diet and the diseases can have an impact on how acidic or alkaline your urine samples could be. If high PH in pregnancy or low levels are found it could indicate formation of kidney stones. If it happens to be at a border line case which is too high or low then you would need to adjust your diet so that no form of kidney stone occurs.

In short, with the help of PH level, your overall health and important clues are provided to you doctor to what your body is up to.

The need for a PH urine level test?

Kidney stones happen to small tracts of minerals. They collect in the urine and make it difficult for the urine to pass through the digestive tract or through the kidneys. As these stones are more conducive to an alkaline or acidic environment a test may go on to determine the like hood of kidney stones.

With the help of certain medications your urine could go on to become more acidic. The doctor is likely to order a PH test of your urine to figure out whether it is alkaline or acidic in nature. With the help of this test the best form of medication could be figured out in order to determine whether you have urinary tract infection.

How the test is undertaken?

Before the test is done, your doctor will ask you to stop certain medications so that the level of urine PH is not affected in any way.

Do not make any changes to your diet before the PH level of urine testing is done. This would be till you are advised by the doctor not to do so. Any food that you consume has an impact on your PH levels. The onus should be to make the test as accurate as possible. With the help of this test the doctor can go on to figure out the exact PH levels that is present in our urine.

In order for the tests to be accurate you need to opt for a clean urine sample catch. It would mean that the genital area has to be cleaned before urination and then you would need to collect the urine midstream. With this method certain pathogens are got rid off that toy with your urine sample.

The doctor is likely to provide you with a cup to urinate. The inner portion of the cup should not be touched and do not allow anything to get into the sample as well. This will alter the results of your sample in a big way . Once the clean catch sample method is adopted, hand over the sample to the doctor. They are going to send across the sample to the lab as soon as possible and accurate results can be obtained.