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Decor to give your home an overhaul!

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A home is the place where you come to when the day ends, a place you can be yourself, a place that reflects your personality, a place you can invite your friends and family over for a nice lovely dinner… Keeping all this is mind, your home should be a place that has the best of decorative items not only for your walls, but for your kitchen, bedroom, dining hall and even your bathroom or garden. Read through to understand how you can decorate your home into the best you have picturised it to be.

Wall decor- walls are the most underrated part of your house and they tend to get left out most of the times. You can easily pick wall arts, wall hanging, faux fabric animal heads to decorate your bare walls. Walls bring out a personality to any room and add an oomph factor to the entire house.

Cushion cover- cushion cover are cute, comfy, and perfect to add a cozy feel to house. You can pick from a variety of options like tasseled cushion covers, pompom cover, embroidered, or with quirky prints to keep in the corners of your house. Pick colours that are vibrant and bold as these colours will add to a happy vibe to your house and bring colour to your space.

Kitchen- kitchen is the place where magic cooks in your house, so why not make it look more pretty and chic with floral lacquered trays, goblet wine glasses, ceramic platters, glass juice containers and decanters along with ikat table mats and runners. And when you make your serving in such beautiful settings, you food automatically appeals more to the eye and stomach!

Room decor- when it comes to decorating your space, the first thing you need to do is decide what kind of space you need to create. Whether you want to go for a modern chic look or a boho indie look, you can always pick jute planters that work well for all spaces. You can also opt for lantern lamps or photo-frames that can create a perfect memory wall…

Outdoor- whether you have a lovely backyard or a tiny balcony, a home should always have greens to bring you close to nature. Keep planters in corners of your space or hang an all-time favourite crochet hammock with hanging planters to keep an earthy vibe running through your house.

Bathroom- a well kept bathroom speaks a lot about the owner of the house. So always keep in mind to keep your washrooms spick & span. Keep a clean set of hand towels in a jute basket, add elegance with ceramic bathroom sets, a floral freshener to keep it fresh and a nice mirror with border work will give your washroom a whole new look!

Lighting- Lighting plays a distinctive factor when it comes to decorating your space. It brings life to your deep dark corners and enlightens your house with positive energy… choose to go for hanging lights, or lanterns whether wall mounted or you can just keep them in a corner with tea-light candles to create a mystical, dreamy feel.

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