How to Buy A DJ Control System

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DJing is an extremely rewarding profession, but it takes hard work, persistence and years of experience for a newbie to evolve into a sought-after disc jockey. The ability to create great music is a prerequisite to success in this profession, and the first step in that direction is buying the right set of equipment that will support the kind of disc jockeying you intend to take up.

In the excitement of quickly setting up their personal DJ system, many new DJs often end up with the wrong equipment that either does not suit their mixing style or costs a lot more than their budget. Your mixing style, your budget and the types of parties you’ll be playing are important factors to consider when shopping DJ equipment.

Buy DJ gear suited to your party environment

DJing paraphernalia used by a hobbyist or a mobile DJ is very different from that of a Club DJ or a house party DJ.

For instance, club DJs usually follow the traditional robust setup of standalone mixers and music players, with controls on a laptop, which the DJ is expected to bring along. Mobile DJs generally use all-in-one DJ controllers, which are convenient, portable and combine all the essentials of DJ mixing in one mean device. DJs who work pool parties, house parties and other small-scale indoor events also do well with a singular control system and a two-channel mixer.

Scratch DJs who thrive on turntablism prefer a robust mixer equipped with adjustable faders supporting a digital vinyl system.

If you love both mixing and scratching and are looking for an affordable option that combines the best of both worlds, you want a mid-range controller with large jog wheels and motorized faders.

Fix a budget

Once you’ve figured out what type of equipment will work best for your style, set up a budget and stick with it. If you’re just starting out, avoid investing in complex, high-end equipment that costs a fortune and look for deals and offers online. Once you have established yourself you can upgrade your equipment by investing in a modern-day compact disc turntable (CDJ) that can play from not only CDs but also USB drives and sound cards.

Also consider buying pre-used equipment—it can save you hundreds of dollars, which you can use to upgrade your present DJ system when the time is right. Another great way to assemble a system within a modest budget is by buying an inexpensive all-in-one controller for beginners.

To end up with DJ gear that offers great value for money but does no compromise on the features, take a look at this buying guide for the best dj controllers in town.

Avoid the cheap stuff

Lastly, don’t waste your money on the low-quality equipment just because it’s cheap. Even if you’re playing for a birthday party next door, you need to create great sound no matter how small your audience—your early gigs will go a long away in establishing your reputation as a good DJ.


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