How to Get Media’s Attention?

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The technology has evolved rapidly and with this evolution we have experienced many changes in our daily lives and work places. Undoubtedly, this evolution has affect almost every aspect of our lives and it will be completely false to say that it doesn’t have any effect on our ways of communication and marketing. The rules to market your business and products has changed as well and that is why it is important for you to have all the knowledge about what it takes to get the media’s attention. This will not only help you to stay ahead from your competitors but it will definitely bring a positive change to your sales and revenues.

According to NewswireNEXT ( one of the best ways to publish your company is to use a PR strategy. Not because it will cost your company very little but a third party endorsement will definitely generate a great exposure for your business and brand. However, there are some basics that you have to follow if you want your pitch to be noticed by the journalists and to force them to write about your business. In this article, we will introduce you with these basics and it will definitely help you to step up the game and to get the media’s attention.

Discover the best hook:

The best thing about media is that it has the ability to smell advertisement disguised as a press release from a mile away, However you have to write it in such a way that it sound like journalists and clearly states the subject to the readers and audience. It will be story of your PR that will decide whether it will get published or not. Use the right pitch to create a unique angle in order to stir up the emotions.

Don’t be ambiguous:

You are not at all advised to be vague to the media. Provide them with the exact dates and times because if you become unable to do so, there is every possibility that your story will end up in the bin. What journalists expect from you is to be true about the idea that you are trying to get published. Says Roger White from Ed Cal Media Agency.

Keep it simple:

Simplicity can do wonders for you and that is why you have to keep it as short and simple as possible. Don’t follow the industrial jargons while introducing your products or services. The pitch of your release will also play a vital role in this.

Do proper research:

If you want your release to become successful then you have to make sure that you are coming up with authentic information. You can visit relevant department and can do your homework. You can then follow up to the newspaper or editor through the emails and if you don’t get a reply back within a couple of email then it is advised to let it go.

Link it to the current events:

This is the best way to grab the attention but you have to stay on top of the current events to get the most out of it. You can simply make your story more effective if you can tie it up with the current event and you will most likely help your story to end up in the breaking news. This tactic is simply effective in making your media releases more news worthy.

Indulge social media as well:

As mentioned previously, you have to take help of the appropriate technology to get the most out of your releases. Perform the complete social media research regarding your release and if possible find the relevant hash tags that you can use in your posts. This will help you to get noticed by journalists. Even the news directors, reporters, and assignment editors often follow regionally-focused hashtags.