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A Stunning Trinnov Home Cinema Installation

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Prepare to be wowed by this truly incredible Trinnov Home Cinema Installation completed by Custom Controls. The 5.5m x 12m cinema room is fitted with a full Trinnov audio system, which is comprised of an Amplitude32 pre-amplifier, Magnitude32 room equaliser and active crossover work. 

This equipment works in harmony to transmit crystal clear audio to a total of eight Amplitude8 channel amplifiers.  
This gives a truly incredible 34 channel surround home cinema system with a further 15 height channels and 7 subwoofers. Custom Controls have been careful to focus on the acoustics of the cinema room by ensuring the Artcoustic array speaker and subwoofer combo are able to perform at their best for a truly revolutionary sound experience.

You may be surprised to hear that the 4.5m acoustically transparent projector hides a number of different speakers.

 They are placed wide left, left, centre, right and wide right. The speakers themselves are split into two different arrays with gueArtcoustic P6 subwoofers providing incredible bass.

 It is important to note that this is a lot more than a normal speaker/subwoofer arrangement, because each of the front channels offer full range, which results in the bass being naturally presented.

The screen itself is a super bright 4K HDR projector, which delivers world class visuals that have to be seen to be believed. 

The cinema room has a number ofdifferent audio video sources. These are available from the dedicated Kaleidescape Stratos movie player, which has a local DVD/BluRay content and downloaded 4K HDR Films, through to Apple TVs. The screen can also pick up satellite TV feeds.

Relax in Comfort

The cinema room has space for 12 people, who can relax in comfort and style thanks to theCineakIntimo day beds, which are in the front row. These are able to create a luxurious environment for young families to relax in and there are also two rows of CineakVedette electronic reclining cinema seats which are to be found tothe rear.

 The front row seating is finished with luxurious fabric, and leather from Italy is to be found on the Vedette chairs.

The shape of this particular room lends itself to the perfect cinema room arrangement, but you’d be surprised to know that you can set up a home cinema room in a much smaller space. 

We’d recommend that you contact home cinema installation experts Custom Controls to see if your room is suitable. The results will be worth it!


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