Be careful: your toothbrush has more bacteria than you think

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We all know that toothbrush is manual or electric- is the most important element of our dental hygiene daily.

Undoubtedly, its use brings many benefits, since it helps us to eliminate the remains of food and drinks that we ingest. In this way, it favors that we have a clean and healthy mouth that prevents the development of germs and bacteria.

However, did you know that it is possible that the bacteria from which we fled are present in the toothbrush that you subsequently pass through your teeth, gums and tongue?
This is true and it may sound unpleasant but, fortunately, it has a solution.

And, the way to have a healthy mouth not only goes through brushing your teeth three times a day, but by having proper hygiene habits that go beyond mere brushing.

Why are there bacteria in my toothbrush?

In the first place, the bacteria reach our brush simply because, during brushing, it comes in contact with the microorganisms present inside the mouth.

In this way, some of them accumulate between the filaments of the toothbrush. If they are not removed properly, they give rise to more germs and bacteria each time.

Second, we must keep in mind that most people keep our toothbrush in the bathroom . Although this is not an aspect in which many people repair, the truth is that this area of ​​our house is very vulnerable to the proliferation of bacteria.

This is not only because the bathroom is the place occupied by the toilet. Also keep in mind that this stay is subject to changes in temperature and high humidity.

If we also take into account the most common way to store our toothbrush - in a glass in contact with other brushes - we have the perfect cocktail for the microorganisms to spread.

For all this, we can say that the place and the way in which the brush is kept depends, to a great extent, the amount of germs and bacteria in its bristles.

How do I store my toothbrush?

Having said that, let's tell you what you can do to reduce as much as possible the presence of harmful microorganisms in your toothbrush.

Wash your hands before brushing your teeth

Clean well with warm water and soap before handling the brush to avoid transporting any microbe.

Rinse the brush after using it

In this way, you will remove the remains of toothpaste and food that may have been embedded in the filaments after teeth cleaning.

Save the brush vertically (with the bristles up) and let it dry

Do not put the cap until it is dry, since the humid and closed environment stimulates the growth of bacteria.

Separate your brush from the rest of brushes

The filaments of different brushes should not contact as they can become contaminated.

Wash the container where you have your brush

Do not wait for a viscous film to be created at the bottom of the glass where you put it. It gives quite 'basquete', right? Then solve it by rinsing the container with soap from time to time or, why not, if you have a hole in the dishwasher, give it a good antibacterial wiggle.

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Move it away from the toilet

As far as possible, make sure that your brush is not too close to the toilet (the place with more germs in any house) or the shower (where there is a very humid environment that which the bacteria like so much to accommodate and multiply.

Never share your toothbrush with anyone

It seems obvious that this should not be done. However, many people - especially couples - do it.

Change your brush every three months

This is the maximum period that a brush should last to keep it in good condition. However, if the sows start to open, change it sooner.

As you see, these tips are very simple to carry out. They hardly entail effort and help us to prevent the multiplication of bacteria causes the appearance of different oral diseases such as decay or periodontal problems (gingivitis and periodontitis).


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