The New Face Of Sneaker – Woman

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People are now very much attached to sneakers. It has wrapped itself around our everyday life. Over a couple of last decades, they have become a must necessity to everyone. The footwear culture has evaluated in a significant way and reached today's place. From sports or athletics activities to daily life works, billions of people all around the world now use sneakers. Every sector has seen a hard time on gender equality. In sneakers, it is no different. Women have always faced inadequacy for dedicated female sneakers. But as time is changing people are now more open to all gender. The world now knows that there are sneakerhead women also exist out there. The new face of sneaker - women and you should not live in any doubt.

The sneaker market was outnumbered by male sneakerheads for a long time. The footwear industry was only focused on masculine tastes in case of sneakers and shoe production. Also, the sneaker sizes were designed to meet the boy sneakerhead's demand. Sneaker and fashion blogs were devoted to style and trend just for the men. Women face ignorance in their sneaker size and exclusive release. But thing started to change slowly and last year marks an impressive 5% growth in women's sneaker market. It made the sneaker brand's to turn their head towards dedicated female sneaker development and release. Nike already is starting to go ahead in the game. During Paris Fashion Week, they unveiled a female-focused retail concept which is named 'Unladed'.

The sneaker has outnumbered its reach of the boundary. It already accessed into the field of fashion, music and sports. Sneakers play a critical part for women. They seek inspiration into their daily life from it. They promise themselves to be confident and stay active always. No matter what the stake is, they are mentally ready to take new challenges. It is a motivation to succeed in their personal goals. And all the female athletes have promoted all of these. They have established the sneakers to be a more meaningful object to women instead only to treat it as a footwear piece.

In 1979 the International Runners Committee (IRC was created). A pack of female runner's group took the initiative. They started to fight for the addition of long-distance running in women's category. Nike was always supportive of social changes, and their enthusiasm let them to in one stage with the IRC. Nike sponsored them. Also, they helped them to get more public exposure to accept women in many sections of athletics.

Women were permitted for 1500 meters long distance running in the Olympic Games until the early 1980s. It was triggered by the belief of women incapable of handling longer tracks physically.

Things changed in 1981. This time the International Olympic Committee decided a decision through voting that is going to change many aspects. in the 1984 game, women now have a 3000m race and marathon. A big surprise was this new addition by ignoring the mandatory four years of a wait before implementing new sports. Summer of 1984, Joan Benoit Samuelson won the first women’s marathon at the Los Angeles Games and made history. Women started to come to sports and to lead a fit and health-conscious lifestyle. Besides sports, women were beginning to influence movie, drama and most importantly on hip-hop and rap music. The sneaker became a symbol of the feminine creativity and importance.

Imbalances in the sneaker industry for male and female is not reduced in zero, but ladies are putting their efforts to be a worthy adversary. Female sneaker designers are now on the run for top sports in the shoe society. Brands are far more focused on dedicated women sneakers production more than ever. Because they believe in one thing, the new face of sneaker - women. So ladies for all the latest sneaker release dates in the UK and Europe, please visit our website Here you will find the perfect range of sneakers listed for ladies exclusively. Also if you want to stay updated from time to time follow our social media wing @FastSoleUK.

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