The nuances of Bone Marrow Transplantation procedure

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Bone marrow is essentially a type of spongy tissue found internal to a bone, capable and bestowed with a job of generating blood stem cells. These stem cells later mature into full grown blood cells and join the blood stream to circulate.

Onset and occurrence of disease

Generally these cells are found in the bones which are long and therefore contains a lot of spongy tissues, enough for hosting the marrow to produce such stem cells to help produce blood. Often, this area is hit by cancerous cells, which rapidly divide and hence kill and mutate the healthy marrow cells in the vicinity and therefore inhibit the production of healthy blood cells. This therefore require transplantation operation on the patient.

Transplantation requirement and related procurement

Quite often, the bone marrow transplant operation is advised to patients in order to replace and effectively get rid of damaged cells of bone marrow with healthy stem cells to facilitate generation of healthy blood cells again. This being a complex surgical procedure, requires utmost operational expertise to ensure that the patient is treated with top notch care and support. The primary difference between this and other general operation lay in the longer recovery and stabilisation phase related to bone marrow transplantation.

Present scenario of transplantation in India

India has essentially become the new formed pit-stop for the majority of all bone marrow transplantation operations. The rapid reduction on overall Bone Marrow Transplant in India cost including operational procedures and the ease of post operational care makes India one of the leading realms for this complex procedure. The recent development in the medical scenario as well as the advanced medication and machinery ensures that the patients get the best of treatments as compared to the other parts of the world.

Cost factor associated and related parameters

Due to the complexity associated, the medication related to this life saving operation is also quite complicated in its own accord. The medication usually can be within the range of 10 to 36 lakhs and often redeemed free on account of some trusts too. The medication completely depends on the nature of bone marrow transplant in question and also on the severity of the operation in question. The category of hospital also plays a major part in these extremely crucial operations.

Types of transplantation in broad sense

The mode of transplantation may be broadly classified into two genres, one being Autologous transplantation and other one being Allogeneic transplantation.  The first one revolved around the transplantation of stem cells extracted from the very patient body and reinserted into the target area. The Allogeneic, however, is about the transplantation of the bone marrow, sourced from the body of a different individual, who has been matched with the patient stem cell. This one stands the best ground for success in the long run. Therefore, in majority of such operational procedures, the doctors usually prefer matching of stem cells from a donor, followed by grafting to ensure a smoother operation with minimal post operational side effects and better chances of success.

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