A List of Reasons Why Houses in Southern California are Not Selling!

If you think you are doing everything to sell your house then think twice! As all the efforts that you may be putting in are not enough. Here is a list of things that you might be doing wrong or not be doing at all in order to sell your house.

Pictures Say A Lot:

When it comes to convincing people to buy what they see, the first impression does matter. That is the reason why people put their most appealing pictures as profile pictures on various social media platforms. This same analogy applies while selling a house. If you need to attract the customer then you need to put the greatest picture of the house or perhaps, a picture of the most appealing room in the house as the first photo. This is extremely important because humans have a short attention span; states, Microsoft Corporation. To ensure you make the most of this attention span, choose your picture wisely and always take pictures from various angles and upload them accordingly.

Is Your House Picture Ready?

As mentioned above, adding pictures to your query is absolutely essential. However, that does not mean you can put whatever you wish as this may be the only chance for a seller to impress the buyer. Imagine, the price you have tagged with the house is according to the budget of the buyer but as soon as he sees the property virtually, he gets disheartened and rejects the house immediately. Well, ensure before you finalize the pictures, your house is well organized. Also, the quality of the pictures matter. Therefore, use as much as light you can and try to shoot the pictures on a camera that is professional or at least the picture appears as good as the house looks in real.

Have A Buyer’s Perspective:

You can only sell a house when you put yourself in the shoes of the other person. Listing your house at a price that your agent suggests without giving it a thought may not help you to sell the property quickly. Sometimes, the prices are marked such that the buyer’s pocket does not allow. Also, a buyer is vigilant, he keeps an eye on every option available. He knows what are the estimates and how much the house that is listed for selling amounts for. Therefore, instead of opting for a real estate agent, why don’t you opt for the option of house buying companies? Well, this is definitely a better approach as they see your property and pay you for it as quickly as possible that too without charging any agent commission. However, being cautious is what you need in order to choose the right housing buying company for such as Freedom Real Estate Solutions which gives the ease of selling your house just in time without much pain in the neck.

If your house is not selling then these may be one of the reasons for it.

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