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Protect Your Electrical Equipment Using the Power Stabilizer

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In places where the power supply is not stable and has constant fluctuations in the load, the chances of damaging your electrical equipment is very high. This happens in most of the cities in India. One must use the stabilizer to make sure that the power supplied remains a constant. This will keep your electrical equipment running as good as new for a long time.

Get stabilizer for all your power equipment
Most of the people buy power stabilizer along with the electrical equipment. When they buy a fridge, they buy the stabiliser for it. Similarly, when they invest in a backup UPS system, they buy the stabilizer to protect this. You can buy the stabilizer from the same place from where you buy the electrical item.

Any house will need a UPS unit for ensuring the continuous power supply. The calculation of the power rating of the UPS is got by adding the power ratings of all the electrical devices in the house. Multiply the power load by a factor of 1.6. This will tell you the size of the inverter battery you need for the UPS. If you go online, you will find many sites that help you calculate the power needs. This will help you get the UPS you need.

Check the power rating
You can see the power rating of the battery pack given when you buy it. For instance, the 15 Ah battery pack will give you 5 amp/hour current for 3 hours. If you use it to get 15 amp/hour, then the battery will discharge within one hour. This is one aspect you must consider when you buy the battery for the UPS. Also, invest in a stabilizer for home online UPS. It will protect the system from voltage fluctuations.

Most of the homeowners use between 3000 and 6000 watts of power each day. If you run a pump, the power needs will be at the higher end. You can see the power rating mentioned on the appliance you use. For instance, the tubelight will show 40 watts. This means it will use 40 watts of power. If you use it for 2 hours then it will use 80 Wh of energy. One the other end of the scale, you see the installation of the solar panel helps you get the power you need from the sun.

Install solar panels
On an average, each 250 watt panel gives you 1 kWh of energy if it gets 4 hours of sun. This amounts to 30 kWh per month. To make up a 5 kWh system, you will need 20 panels. To install this on your roof, you need 32 square meters of space because each panel takes up 1.6 square meters of space.

You will need power stabilizer for the common things in the house such as the fridge and the motor because they need large starting torque. This will put a huge load on the UPS system. Check with the supplier to make sure that the UPS is designed to take up the load. Otherwise, your electrical system will fail and you will have to replace your damaged equipment.


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