Facts about Alcoholic Beverages You Probably Didn’t Know About

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The production of alcoholic beverages is not new. The truth is it has been part of human culture for many centuries. Archaeologists discovered jugs suggesting that people during the Neolithic period intentionally fermented beverages. From the chemical analysis, archaeologists confirmed that the jugs were used to ferment drink made of grapes, honey, and rice.

Fast forward to the future, the mass production of alcoholic beverages and 24HrDrinks paved the way for mass consumption. Drinking alcohol in modest amounts can benefit your body. A study conducted by Harvard University’s School of Public Health stated that moderate amounts of alcohol could, in fact, raise levels of HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) or “good cholesterol”. Keep in mind that higher HDL levels mean greater protection against heart disease.

However, consuming too much alcohol is disastrous for the health. On top of that, it is addictive leading to alcoholism for susceptible individuals. With this, it is always prudent to drink moderately. Moderate means one drink a day for healthy adult women while men can enjoy up to two drinks a day.

Now you know a little bit of alcohol history, its benefits and what it means when you hear moderate alcohol use, it is time that you know other facts. Here are some facts about alcoholic beverages you probably didn’t know about:

Types of beer
The most popular types of alcoholic beverages include beer, wine, and spirits. Beer is believed to be the beverage that humans have been drinking the longest. Its types include:

            • Large beers: these beers are fermented and conditioned at low temperatures. With
this, it has a light color and mild taste.

• Ales: these are created from malted barley. It is involved in warm fermentation using
a brewer’s yeast.

• Wheat beers: these are made from wheat and barley. This bear is popular in Europe because of its distinctive taste.

• Fruit beers: adding other flavored extracts rather than fermenting the fruit makes these beers.

Types of wine
Wine is one of the most popular types of alcoholic beverages. It can be created from fermented grapes and other fruits. Its types include:

            • Red wine: this is made from black or red grapes. Many people prefer this because its
taste is more complex compared to white wine.

• Rose wine: this is created from red grapes but it undergoes a process to create the
famous rose look.

• White wine: this is made from white grapes. It has a lighter taste compared to red and rose wine.

• Champagne: this is also called sparkling wine. The bubbles you see are the result of the fermentation process.

• Fortified wine: distilled beverage is added to make it stronger. Fortified wines are popular because they can be transported easily around the world by ship.

Types of spirits
Spirits refer to alcoholic beverages that are made or distilled to make it stronger. Its types include:

            Vodka: this is made from the distillation of potatoes or grains.
            Whiskey: this is created from grain mash fermentation.
            Rum: this is made from sugarcane juice.
            Tequila: this is created from a blue agave plant.
            Gin: this is made from juniper berries.
            Absinthe: this is created from different flowers.
            Liqueurs: these refer to a wide range of drinks that include the addition of spices,

flowers, herbs, fruits and many more.


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