Top 5 Foods You Should Never Miss in Your Japan Trip

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Are you a foodie? Do you love to taste the authentic dishes of different countries? If yes, then a family trip to Japan will be the best option for you. The reason behind this is that Japanese cuisine is globally recognized for its delicacy. To feed your tummy with the unique cuisine of Japan, you can pay a visit to this fascinating Asian country. 

Japan has lots to offer the foodies. Among the thousands of Japanese dishes, I have chosen some of the best ones. Your trip to this Asian nation will remain incomplete unless you taste the following dishes. To know more about the culinary culture of Japan, you may have a close look at the below section now. 

1.      Sashimi Or Sushi

Hopefully, you have heard the name of this dish as sushi is globally recognized for its delicacy. Sushi is a particular dish of seasoned rice with a rice vinegar mix. Different ingredients, such as vegetables, different types of fishes, nori or seaweed are mixed with the seasoned rice. You can grab the piece of sushi and dip them into the wasabi or soy sauce. Sushi is all about raw fish or seafood that is served with wasabi and soy sauce. Taste the authentic dish of Japan and fill your appetite. Your Japan private tour can provide you with the excellent opportunity to taste this dish. 

2.      Tempura

Tempura is basically a fried snack, made from the vegetables and seafood. You can also find tempura, made from fish or fowl, seasoned with a special sauce. They use ginger, soy sauce, and sugar to prepare the unique type of sauce. Almost every kind of vegetable is suitable to prepare this Japanese dish.

3.      Ramen

Ramen is one of the most famous Japanese dishes. It is a wheat noodles bowl, and it is served in miso soup or soy sauce, mixed with different types of ingredients. The most common ones include green onion, slices of pork, egg, and seaweed. The most delicious part of the dish is the soup. You will never forget the delicious taste of the soup.

4.      Miso Soup

Miso soup is generally served as a side dish, with almost every dish. The soup is made from a miso paste or fermented soybeans and dashi or the consomme. Inside the soup, you can find the small pieces of vegetables, like, radish, carrots or potatoes and seaweed.

5.      Onigiri

Onigiri is the most popular snack in Japan. You can taste this snack almost whenever you like to. Onigiri is a rice ball, seasoned in several different ways. Some of them are available with chicken, pork, fish or vegetables. Apart from this, some of them are all about mixed rice with some veggies, sauce or beans. You can select the type as per your preference. You will find a wide variety of flavors. It is available at a cheap rate. You can find this dish in almost any restaurant.

So, what have you decided? Will, you go for the Japan trip or not. Well, to taste the authentic Japanese dishes, go for the trip now.

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