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Four tips to help you put the thought back into gifting

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When it comes to gifting many people will have heard the adage that it is the thought that counts mire than the gift itself. It is very true, and they are wise words, but unfortunately many people have taken the saying to mean that as long as you remember to give a gift then all is okay. This simply could not be further from the truth if it tried – if the amount of thought that goes into the gift is no more than stopping off at the shops to buy a bunch of flowers or some chocolates, then there really is no thought demonstrated at all. Here are a few simple tips to show that you really do care, that you have made effort and that you have applied genuine thought to the present that you are giving.

It’s a wrap

Packaging can mean so much. It can take something quite plain and simple and spice it up into something unique and personalised. Start with a receptacle that hides the shape of whatever it is that you have bought and, which probably makes it easier to wrap. Clear plastic gift boxes are a great starting point as once wrapped there is an immediate air of mystery to the gift – it’s not easily identifiable by its shape and that is great. Then wrap it in a paper that shows thought and focus on the recipient and maybe finish with a bow.

The card is crucial

A gift without a card is only half a gift. The card is your opportunity to put into words why it is that you have chosen to give a present. Let the person know what they mean to you. Be honest and open and don’t hold back with your feelings. Gifts are not given often, and typically they are reserved for special occasions – weddings, birthday’s, anniversaries etc. so what better time to let a person know what they mean to you. They will appreciate it, and once again, a thought through card is a very clear indication that you didn’t just stop off at the shop on the way to the party, you planned and thought carefully about it in advance.

Personalize the gift

The more important a person is to you the better you should know them. But it is not just about how well you them, it is about being able to relate the knowledge to the context in which you know them. Let’s say your mother likes chocolate, everybody knows that, so she is probably going to get a lot of chocolate for her birthday.But, is there a brand or type of chocolate that she likes sharing with you? A chocolate that speaks to the uniqueness of your relationship with her? Or perhaps a chocolate-based activity that you can do with her? Think about these things carefully. It is the difference between your gift being just another box of chocolates that she is going to work her way through, and something unique that is going to remind her of you.

Cost is not everything

Many people fall into the trap of thinking that spending a lot of money equates a lot of thought. This is not the case! Regardless what is your lifestyle or how wealthy you are, thought and expense cannot be interchanged. It is certainly possible to give a gift that is both thoughtful and expensive, but the mere fact that it is expensive does not immediately translate into thoughtful.