Top 7 Best Flowers And Cake Combo

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 There are moments when you actually try to think to of some outstanding gifts for your beloved one. However you actually try to sort out some useful gifts. But really could not make out what would be congenial for the concerned person. In that case to play safe you have to try out cakes and chocolates. As both of these are strongly loved by almost all. Therefore today you will get a tip on what type of combination of cakes and flowers will be idyllic for any occasion.

#1.Chocolate Cake With Red Roses: Sometimes it happens that you have to attend a birthday of your colleague and you want to present something different then you can opt to go for the cake and flowers combination. If so then the chocolate cake is a perfect to go for. And along with it get some stick of red roses which really sets the evening for a lovely candlelight date. Therefore if you want to send somewhere then you can opt to contact online flowers delivery portal like the

#2.Black Forest Cake And Yellow Roses: The bright colored yellow rose’s just looks like morning sunshine to appreciate the dazzling look of the yellow you can tie a red colored ribbon on the sticks to make it more attractive. Moreover yellow roses spread a subtle message of warm and cordial friendship. Therefore to make it long lasting a sweet in the form of a black forest cake prepared without egg but spongy with melted chocolates serves the best.

#3.Pineapple Cake With Peach Roses: A freshly baked pineapple cake with fluffy textured in between gives an indescribable pleasure especially the creamy frosting is an amazing to have. Now when you club this beautifully baked cake with a dozen of peach colored roses. Honestly the combination will really captivate anyone. Therefore it also shows you are modest enough to continue relation with purity.

#4.Belgian Choco Cake With Pink Roses: You friend is a diehard cake lover and she cannot miss the opportunity to have a single bite. Therefore this time just give her an exciting visit with this Belgian Choco cake. The moon like round shape of the cake with creamy texture gives a soft feeling. On the top of that the melted dark chocolate really adds awesome taste to it.

#5.Lilies With Eggless Butterscotch Cake: Butterscotch cake has always been the favorite among all. The butterscotch which has a buttery feel and really a single slice gives you a fulfilling taste. Besides the buttery texture, the crispy nuts in between literally makes you feel like you are in a dream world. Definitely you should want your near ones to get the taste but at the same time, if you want to add some extra charm to the gift make sure you get some lily flowers for your friend.

#6.Pink Orchids WithTruffle Cake: Orchids are itself very beautiful in fact their beauty can be seen from a distance as well. This time while getting the orchids you should select pink color orchids as it symbolizes love and beauty. The best thing is that you can make your love stronger by offering a deliciously baked truffle cake as well. Imagine when your girlfriend will taste the yummy chocolates with nuts in between the cake. Coming to the nuts it can be anything like coconut, almonds, and hazelnuts. The interesting fact is that these nuts are in different shape like round, conical, curved or spherical. Therefore it will be a golden opportunity to get the taste of both the flower and the cake at the same time.

#7.Blue Orchids With Fruit Cake: Your mother simply loves in collecting the orchids may be in any color but blue is her favorite. Although it is hard to get but you can get easily send flowers to Delhi with the guidance from professional gift delivery destination called While sending get the blue orchids for your mother as the blue indicates strength and that what you get from your mother. Along with this get a fruit cake with toppings as pineapple, watermelon, strawberry etc. Overall it will be an amazing cake and flower combo.

Thus these are some of the top notch cake and flower combo gifts that you can search for.

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