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7 Cool & Fun Bucks Party Ideas in Melbourne

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If you want your friend to have a fun and memorable buck party in Melbourne, you will need to up your game. There is the standard night out that involves drinking beer all night. However, a buck party can be so much more than that. Melbourne is a favorite destination for buck parties. It has various amenities and the nightlife is awesome. Here are ideas for things to do for a bucks party in Melbourne.

1. Bubble Soccer

If you are looking for some good clean fun for a buck party in Melbourne, you can opt for bubble soccer. Most bubble soccer venues in Melbourne will also offer various other sports in which participants can engage. The bubble soccer suits that they offer cater for people of all sizes and shapes.

A good place to consider in Melbourne is Zorb Soccer. They specialize in bubble soccer, inflatable sport, and Zorb sports for buck parties. They are fully mobile and can bring the fun to you no matter where you are in Melbourne.

2. High-End Dinner

For some bucks, a great buck night is simply a fine meal and some fine wine. They would just like to experience a high-end culinary experience while running about some new wine. A tasting menu where there are various wines on offer will make the buck feel overjoyed. Consider if the hotel will let you hire a private room where you can all let go and have a fun night.

3. Private Box at a Sporting Event

You do not need to spend your night blacking out and drank for you to have a memorably buck party. You can simply chill out in a private box for his favorite team. He will be entertained for hours with fine food and beer and will be treated like a true VIP. This will be an event to remember.

4. Paintball

You can also attend a fun game of paintball at a shooting range to pass the time. It is quite assuming and an event to remember. It is especially nice if the buck loves video games. He will be able to live out his fantasy in real life. In addition, it is competitive and hours of endless fun. Pick the right paintball shooting range in Melbourne to have the most fun. A good place to consider is Sniper’s Den.

5. Go Kart Racing

Just a few minutes’ drive from the CBD, you will find Auscarts Racing located in Port Melbourne. It is an indoor racing track for Go Karts inside a modern racing rink. You will find curvy bends, long straight, and winding switchbacks. The best part about this facility is that it does not matter the weather. You can still have fun any time of the year since it is indoors.

6. Hire Topless Waitresses

A perfect way for the bachelor to mark his last day being single is by hiring topless waitress Melbourne for the buck party. You can find attractive topless barmaids for waitressing in Melbourne. They can come for a night out in the hotel room for things such as a poker night or poker dealings. What size and shape you need in Melbourne, there are many agencies ready to provide you with the girls. Get in touch with one of them.

7. Boat Cruise

Boat cruises are one of the best ways to spend the buck party. One of the reasons for a boat cruise is that you will not need to check for venues or worry about being double booked in a hotel. You will only need to pick a cruise and it is done. To spice things up a bit, you can even bring female strippers onto the cruise.

The best part about cruises is that they guarantee guy-time. The phones might not work and if they do, the charges are ridiculously high. Thus, you can really be cut off from the world for a few days and enjoy the buck party in full.

The best time to hold a bachelor party is at least two nights or almost a week before the wedding. You do not want your buck having a hangover on the day of the wedding. Besides that, ensure that you consider the feelings and likes of the buck. While you may have your own likes, keep in mind that you are here to entertain the bachelor and not yourself. Take time and research what they might like to do and build events around that.