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The height of an individual person is decided by its genes which he or she inherits, but there are various other factors which can determine the height of a person. The growth hormones are released by the pituitary gland in the brain. These hormones play a major role in determining the height of a person. If you maintain a certain amount of diet or workout daily as per the routine schedule; there is a possibility that you can grow taller. From a study, it has been estimated that around 50-60 percent is determined by the genes by 20-30 percent are affected by the environment, most specifically nutrition.

Here are some tips for you to increase your height upto 6 inches, and will make you live more healthy and fit.

1.      GO FOR A NUTRITIOUS BREAKFAST:- Breakfast is an integral part of your day when you are beginning your day; you should try to take the appropriate amount of calories and vitamins. Never ever try to miss your breakfast as more often people miss it, eating a healthy diet helps you to increase your metabolism.

2.      DON’T DO GROWTH STUNTING ACTIVITIES:- Often the height of a person is also decided by the activities what he or she is doing. For example- you should not jump as it would lead to stunted growth. Avoid the use of alcohols or caffeine as it will le3ad to improper development of your body and affect your height too.

3.      SLEEP ABIT MORE:- Children grow only when they sleep, as sleeping leads to the developments of brain and body. The same goes for adults, have atleast 7 hours of sleep so that your growth hormones get builds up and release at the proper time.

4.      EAT FIBROUS FOOD:- Maintain a proper diet as it is very important for the development of different parts of your body and helps you to increase the height. Eating fibrous food which includes green vegetables, fruits or vegetables will provide an adequate amount of vitamins and nutrients to your body which in return increase the metabolism of your body.

5.      EXERCISE DAILY:- You need to exercise daily as it will help you release the tension hormones and you can lead a stressfreelife. Not only this exercises also increase your height; go for yoga asanas like Surya Namaskar, or stretching exercises which will increase the body mass of your spine.

6.      MAINTAIN POSTURE:- It is utmost important to maintain a good posture where you are doing any activities like walking, sitting or sleeping. This is the major deciding factor that how you lead your life. A person with good posture always has the ability to increase the height.

7.      DRINK A LOT OF WATER:- Drink as much water you can, because it will wash out the unwanted components from your body, It is recommended that for proper digestion you need to take 8 glasses of water everyday as it also helps you to gain a good growth and height.

8.       MAINTAIN YOUR DIET:- Control your eating habits, avoid eating sugar contained foods like burgers or pizza, Instead go for nutritious food which will help you to balance your body. Replace foods with whole wheat,fruits, vegetables etc, for the maintenance of growth.

These are some of tips and strategies which will help you to grow 6 inches even if you are above 18 years. Your diet and environmental surroundings play a major role in determining the height and growth of your body.


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