Reasons you could be constantly tired

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Why you might be feeling tired and fatigued all the time

Tiredness is something that all of us experience at one time or another and itcan usually be relieved by sleep and rest – but 1in 5people are unusually tired and 1in 10 have prolonged fatigue.

According to the experts at House Call Doctor, tiredness and fatigue are different. Fatigue is when tiredness isn’t able to be relived by sleep and is overwhelming. Women are more likely to feel fatigued than men.

Reasonsyou could feeltired

There are two main categories of causes for tiredness: lifestyle factors and medical conditions.

Lifestyle Factors

Stress:Fatigue is most commonly linked to mood and the accumulation of stress. Identifying causes of stress in your life (work, family, friends) and having strategies to manage it will help relieve feelings of tiredness.

Lack of sleep: while this may seem obvious, having a healthy amount of sleep is vital. Adults aged18-60 need 7-8 hours of sleep every night to function properly.

It is important to maintain a consistent sleep routine. Avoid naps and limit the time spent awake in bed to 5-10 minutes to promote healthy sleep patterns.

Diet:having a poor diet is linked to feelings of tiredness and fatigue. Ways you can improve your diet include:

·         Eating the correct number of calories for someone your age, height, weight and sex
·         Having plenty of fruits and vegetables
·         Cutting down on refined sugar
·         Eating regularly
·         Never skipping breakfast
·         Eating varied sources of protein.

Sedentary lifestyle: exercise gives the body a boost of energy and a consistent exercise program has been shown to fight fatigue. Adults should aim to complete 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a day to avoid feeling tired. 

Medical conditions

While there are many medical conditions that can leave you feeling tired, anaemia and an underactive thyroid are two major medical conditions that can cause fatigue and exhaustion.

Anaemia: anaemia is the most common medical reason for tiredness and fatigue. It is caused by a lower than normal level of red blood cells in the body or lowered levels of hemoglobin.

Red blood cells and hemoglobin carry oxygen to the body. Without proper amounts of oxygen, the body can feel tired and weak.

A blood test by your GP can identify anaemia and a treatment for it can be started.

Underactive thyroid: an underactive thyroid means not enough thyroid hormone (thyroxine) is being made by your body. This hormone controls metabolism and when it is low,it can cause symptoms of tiredness, along with weight gain and feeling cold.

A blood test can determine whether your thyroid gland is functioning correctly, and treatment can be started if it isn’t.

Other medical conditions that can cause fatigue include:
·         Diabetes
·         Depression
·         Chronic FatigueSyndrome
·         Urinary Tract Infection
·         Heart disease
·         Sleep Apnoea
·         Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
·         Coeliac Disease
·         Glandular Fever
·         Restless legs.

Contact your GP if you are experiencing unusual tiredness or fatigue to determine the cause and work out the best treatment plan for you.


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