A general check list during the phase of pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a time where you need to take care of your health in the best possible way. With medicine pain in pregnancy you can obtain relief on all counts. But there is a general check list to follow. It could be in relation to the specific stage of your pregnancy. Rather than pain medication while pregnant list do follow the below mentioned protocols.

Be aware of what are prenatal appointments along with scans

If it happens to be your first pregnancy and there is no form of complications you might need to have 10 prenatal appointments. During the course of appointments the doctor is going to check the status of the mother along with your baby. They are going to describe the diet along with the various pregnancy options for you as well.

With the aid of an ultrasound the picture of the baby in womb is found out. You need to educate yourself about when the scans are going to happen.

Eat well

With a well-balanced diet it ensures that the baby gets all the available nutrients for their needs. Reduce your intake of fats and sugar whereas increase the intake of vegetables and fruits.

It would be a matter of surprise that you might need extra calories during the first 6 months of pregnancy. For the last 3 months of your pregnancy you might needfewer calories.

Increase the intake of water

During pregnancy it is really important to be hydrated. At least 8 glasses of water is a standard norm every day which amounts to around 1.5 litres of water daily.

When you are travelling carry a bottle of water with you. In case if you do not like drinking plain water squeeze some lemon on to it.

Not only it helps to cope up with the issue of dehydration, water would go on to carry nutrients from the blood to the baby. If you drink too much water it prevents piles, constipation which is all common when you are pregnant.

Take stock of pregnancy symptoms that you should never turn a blind eye

Even if you gone on to educate yourself about pregnancy, in certain cases you will feel that certain symptoms of pregnancy might not be normal. Just figure out which symptoms of pregnancy problem could pose a major issue.

Continue with the pelvic floor exercises

This prevents you from leaking pee once you are pregnant and even after the baby is born. Just figure out on the frequency you need to be doing them. There are various video tutorials available that might prove to be handy in such cases.

Healthy snacks

When you are out carry a pack of healthy snacks with you.  Examples could be fresh fruit that would pep up the energy levels

If you are into smoking you might have to quit

If you smoke during pregnancy the chances of a low birth weight baby increases. Smoking would also go on to increase the chances of ectopic pregnancy.

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